Mango Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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Mango is rich in vitamin A, protein and various types of acids which are very beneficial for the human body. So considering these aspects, it is called the queen of fruits. Mango In Bangladesh, the total 5 months from May to September is called the mango season. However, most mangoes are available from June to July. Fruit scientists in Bangladesh have divided the ripening time of mango into three parts based on the mango variety, e.g.

May to June: Early varieties of mangoes start ripening from the second week of May to mid-June. Notable among the early varieties of mangoes are Himsagar, Khirshapat, Gopalbhog, Govindbhog, Vrindavani, Gulabkhash, Ranipachand and Bari-1

June to July: The varieties of mangoes that start ripening from mid-June are Haribhanga, Suryapuri, Langra, Lakshanbhog, Khudikshirsha, Bari-2 and Bombay. This time tomorrow is called the middle season of mango.

July to September: The varieties of mangoes that ripen from the beginning of July to the first week of September are called Nabi varieties. Notable among these Nabi varieties are Amrapali, Mohanbhog, Fazli, Bari-3, Bari-4, Ashwina, Gaurmati etc.