Water Heater (Geyser) Price in Bangladesh

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Water Heater & Geyser Buying in Bangladesh

There is no substitute for warm water during bathing to keep the body healthy during frequent rains or winters. But repeatedly heating the water in the stove takes a lot of time and wastes stove gas. So the use of water heater or geyser is a good way to reduce time wastage and gas consumption. In addition, the use of water heaters is constantly increasing in Bangladesh due to various benefits. The price of water heater or geyser in Bangladesh is very low.

What type of water heater should I buy?

Small, large, medium sized water heaters are available in Bangladesh. So one should buy this water heater according to the need and budget. Because different types of water heaters have certain advantages.

Geyser: A geyser is a type of water heater that heats water and keeps it hot for a long time. It can heat up water fairly quickly, heating up its full tank in about 5-15 minutes. There are different sizes of geysers according to liter such as 5 Gallon, 10 Gallon, 15 Gallon, 20 Gallon geysers are available in Bangladesh. It is usually connected to the bathroom or kitchen water faucet. It automatically shuts off when the water gets hot. It is ideal for everyone in the family to use. These are usually up to a maximum of 1500 watts. They are the safest to use.

Instant Water Heater: This is a type of water heater that looks like a water faucet and can be connected directly to the water line. It has no storage tank but can instantly heat the water flowing through it. They heat the water instantly, but their wattage is a little higher. These are usually up to 5400 watts.

Shower Heater: This water heater looks exactly like a normal shower. It is used for bathing. It also heats the running water instantly. Its price is very low in Bangladesh and people with low budget can use it. Their wattage is also high.

Immersion Heater: It is used submerged in water and is portable. Water from a bucket or container can be easily heated with it and it is the least expensive of all types of water heaters. Earlier it was very common in Bangladesh but now its use is reduced due to modern heaters. It's a bit inconvenient as it doesn't automatically turn off when the water gets hot. These are usually 500 to 1000 watts.
What is the price of water heater in Bangladesh?

The price of water heater in Bangladesh starts from Tk 950 only. This water heater provides instant hot water for bathing. It can be used to heat water instantly in different temperature selection process as per requirement. Water heater price in Bangladesh depends on the type of water heater.

Is electric geyser energy efficient and how much does it cost?

If you want to heat more water in less time, you have to use electric geyser. Electric geysers in present day Bangladesh are good at saving electricity. Geysers can keep the water hot for a long time so there is no need to turn on the geyser again and again and electricity is also saved very easily. Geyser price in Bangladesh ranges from Tk 6,500 to Tk 30,000 and geyser price depends on its capacity, body quality, brand.

Why use a geyser filter?

The water is filtered before it is fed to the geyser because the water often contains a variety of toxins that stick to the body or heater of the geyser and are slowly destroyed. The same geyser can be used for a long time if you use a filter in the geyser.

Why should you buy a water heater?

Water heaters should be purchased for various reasons. Because water heaters and geysers have many benefits. These benefits are:

1. Water heaters or geysers play an important role in saving time.

2. There is no alternative to water heaters and geysers when it comes to providing instant hot water.

3. The use of water heaters reduces the gas consumption of the stove.

4. In Bangladesh, there have been reports of burns on the body while taking hot water from the stove. So water heater or geyser should be used for family safety.

5. The smoke that comes out from the hot water of the stove contains a gas called carbon monoxide which is more harmful for small children. But it does not emit gas in water heater or geyser, so it is environment friendly.

6. The use of water heaters and geysers is very important to keep the body healthy.

7. Water heater heats the water instantly, so it is useful in daily life for washing hands and drinking warm water. And it is very useful for elderly or children in the family and those who have cold problem can keep themselves healthy by using this water heater.

What to know about water heaters or geysers?

There are a few important things to know about water heaters or geysers. These are:

1. Before buying a geyser you need to know where it will fit. The amount of space required to install a water heater or geyser will depend on its type, capacity and size.

2. Before buying a hot water tap, you should see if there is an electrical port for connecting it or whether an electrical port can be provided where the hot water tap will be installed.

3. Avoid installing water heaters or geysers in wet or damp places. But in the case of keeping it in the bathroom, it should be kept away from the shower area.

4. Water heaters and geysers should be installed in high places and it is important to keep in mind that the switch should be placed by hand.

5. It is better not to keep the geyser running for long. Most geysers switch off when the water is heated. So it is better to buy a geyser that gives a signal. However, even if the normal geyser has the facility of auto off, it is better to switch off manually when the water gets hot.

6. Any problem with water heaters and geysers should be referred to a qualified person.

7. Remember to turn off water heaters and geysers after use.

8. It is not good to keep the geyser closed for a long time. And after 5-7 years of use it is better to change it. Because a lot of dirt accumulates at the bottom of the geyser and it is harmful to health.