Water Filter Price in Bangladesh | RO, UV, UF Purifier

Why drink pure water?

Water used to be another name for life but now it has changed a bit. Pure water is another name for life. Because at present, along with various environmental pollution, water is also getting polluted gradually. Pure water is essential for human health. But getting pure water has become very rare now. This is because the water in most places today contains various contaminants such as lead, chlorine and other harmful substances as well as various harmful viruses and bacteria that cause diseases which are extremely harmful to the human body. Many of us try to purify water in the traditional way but it is not always possible to remove all these harmful substances from the water by boiling or substandard filtering. This requires a modern filtering system.

What are the methods of modern filter?

Reverse Osmosis: It is a widely used process to purify water by purifying any harmful chemicals from water, microscopic particles and molecules, largest particles, microscopic microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. In this method the water is purified in several steps. It consists of a poly-filter to purify the water, then a small poly filter to clean the small particles, then a carbon filter to clean the biochemicals, then a thin film membrane that can remove any germs or microorganisms, and finally a very small one Carbon filter.

Ultraviolet: This method can easily destroy organisms from water. For this, first the microbiological growth of water is reduced then UV radiation with a wavelength of 254 nanometers destroys the DNA of the microorganisms and kills all kinds of bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi in the water.

Ultrafiltration: This method uses UF membranes to purify water which helps in controlling tolerant chlorine and water PS. In this method chemicals are cleaned from the water.

Can it filter salty water?

Yes but it depends on the technology used in the filter. Reverse osmosis (RO) is a popular filter for purifying saline water.

Can it run without electricity?

Not all filters are required electricity such as simple water filter. But RO water purifier requires electricity and will stop filtering once the power cut off. However, most RO system has a reserved tank to store water and will continue supply the water using the tank pressure until the tank is empty. That's why this reserved tank sometimes called as pressure tank.

What is the pH after filtration?

The standard pH of water is 6-8. After filtration, the water pH will be 6-7 which is very safe. For some filtration technologies, you can make the water more alkaline using additional cartridge.

What will be the TDS after filtration?

500 mg/L is a safe TDS for any filtration technology. You need to check your water TDS using a TDS meter.

What should be the budget to buy water purification machine?

The price of a water filter machine in Bangladesh starts from Taka 1,000 which can do simple filtering using ultra filtration technology and it is more popular due to its low price. For better purification, an RO purifying system will work very well and will cost at least Taka 10,000 in Bangladesh. For users in the industry or office, the price should be determined according to the number of gallons to be filtered per day.