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৳ 18,000
2 days ago
Lan Shan LSRO-575G Mineral RO Water Purifier

Lan Shan LSRO-575G mineral RO water purifier system has 75GPD membrance capacity, six stage filtering, 6-7 litres water...

৳ 2,050
13 hours ago
Heron Shower Filter 60000 Liter Capacity Chlorine Reduction

Heron shower filter has KDF 20g + calcium sulfite 40g + activated carbon 50g, filter shower capacity 60000 liter, heavy...

৳ 3,750
21 days ago
Top Klean TPWP-504 4-Stage Water Purifier

1 gallon per minute flow rate, granular activated carbon (GAC) filter, chlorine / taste and odour (CTO) filter, and ...

৳ 73,500
2 days ago
Deng Yuan HM-6181 Hot / Cold Water Dispenser And Purifier

Deng Yuan HM-6181 hot and cold water dispenser and purifier has compact and space-saving water dispenser design, full...

৳ 75,000
2 days ago
Deng Yuan HM-2681 Hot and Cold RO Water Purifier

Deng Yuan HM-2681 hot and cold water purifier has compact and space-saving design with built-in 5 stages RO system,...

৳ 12,500
4 days ago
Easy Pure EGRO-501 5 Stage RO Water Purifier

Made in Taiwan, 3.2G pressure tank, 50 GPD tank capacity, dimension 40 x 27 x 40 cm, five stage filtering for maximum...

৳ 55,000
13 hours ago
Tecomen RO-200 RO Water Filter 200 GPD 6 Stage

Made in Vietnam, Headon (Taiwan) pump, 6 stage purification, 1-30 persons family usable, goose type one hand SS faucet,...

৳ 23,000
2 days ago
Deng Yuan 281C Blue 5-Stage RO Water Purifier

Deng yuan 281C-blue RO water purifier. All the components of this machine are made in Taiwan / The Membrane is Korean....

৳ 13,500
2 days ago
Puricom CP-3+UV Wall Mount 4 Stages UV Water Purifier

Puricom CP-3+UV water filter has Philips brand UV lamp that is able to kill or restrain 99.9% of bacteria and viruses...

৳ 260,000
4 days ago
Industrial 1500 GPD DM Water Treatment Plant

Industrial water treatment plant, 1500gpd treatment capacity, compatible with pharmaceutical and battery water or any...

৳ 17,000
5 days ago
Puricom CE-6 Six Stage RO Water Purifier

Puricom CE-6 reverse osmosis water purifier has 6 stage filtration, 50 gallons output capacity per day, dow filmtec...

৳ 4,500
13 hours ago
Heron G-WP-401 Four Stage Home Water Filtration System

Heron G-WP-401 quality 4 stage home water purifier system has water purifier capacity 1 gallon per minute, PP and...

৳ 3,500
2 days ago
Aqua Spirit SW-P pH-Natural Water ABS Shower Filter

Aqua Spirit SW-P shower filter has pH-natural water, temperature range 4°C~60°C, pressure range 5~90 PSI, effective...

৳ 85,000
2 days ago
Puricom DP-171 Hot and Cold RO Water Purifier

Puricom DP-171 is a compact RO water filtration system and three-temperature water dispenser that has highly efficient,...

৳ 48,500
4 days ago
Deng Yuan TW-200 RO Water Purifier

Reverse osmosis filter system, 5 stage filtration, 40 liter / 11 gallon pressure tank, 200 GPD capacity, 460 x 410 x...

৳ 72,500
4 days ago
Deng Yuan HM-2681 5-Stage RO Water Purifier System

Deng Yuan HM-2681 water purifier has compact and space-saving design, built-in 5 stages RO system, highly efficient and...

৳ 17,000
4 days ago
Fluxtek FE-115/116 Made in Taiwan RO Water Purifier

White membrane origin color, 50GPD capacity, 4 G tank capacity, pressure tank, automatic shut-off valve, flow restrict,...

৳ 15,500
5 days ago
Heron Smart Elegant RO Water Purifier

Heron smart elegant water purifier has 60 GPD capacity, 3.2 gallon pressure tank, five filtration stage, goose type...

৳ 25,500
13 hours ago
KoriHome 8 Stage 80GPD RO Water Filter

Made in Vietnam, Headon (Taiwan) pump, pressure meter, 8 stage purification, suitable for 1-8 persons family, goose...

৳ 16,499
4 days ago
Heron GRO-060-UV Six Stage RO UV Water Filtration System

Heron GRO-060-UV high quality 6 stages RO water filtration systems has 50 gallons RO water purifier capacity per day,...

1. Can it filter salty water?

Yes but it depends on the technology used in the filter. Reverse osmosis (RO) is a popular filter for purifying saline water.

2. Can it run without electricity?

Not all filters are required electricity such as simple water filter. But RO water purifier requires electrcity and will stop filtering once the power cut off. However, most RO system has a reserved tank to store water and will continue supply the water using the tank pressure until the tank is empty. That's why this reserved tank sometimes called as pressure tank.

3. What is the pH after filtration?

The standard pH of water is 6-8. After filtration, the water pH will be 6-7 which is very safe. For some filtrartion technologies, you can make the water more alkaline using addtional cartridge.

4. What will be the TDS after filtration?

500 mg/L is a safe TDS for any filtration technolgy. You need to chcek your water TDS using a TDS meter.