Heron Water Filter Price in Bangladesh

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Heron Water Filter Buying in Bangladesh

Heron water purifier started its journey in Bangladesh in 2008. This water purifier incorporates modern cost-effective water treatment technology. Heron Water Filter has gained immense popularity in Bangladesh for providing high-quality water purifiers for home and industrial use at the lowest price. Moreover, Heron water filters of various capacities are available in BD as per requirement.

What is the price of Heron Water Purifier in Bangladesh?

Heron water purifier price in Bangladesh is determined based on the number of filter stages, filtration system, water purification flow, reserve tank capacity, quality of the purifier, etc. Currently, the Heron Water Purifier in Bangladesh costs as low as BDT 6,500 which has a 5-stage filtration system and a 3.8-liter reserve tank. To buy a Heron water filter with RO technology in Bangladesh, one needs to spend at least BDT 10,000. Moreover, Heron Water Purifier with advanced technology 7-stage purification system and 10-litre reserve tank capacity price is more than BDT 13,000.

Why buy Heron Water Filter?

1. Heron Water Purifier includes advanced technology filtration systems and is available in Bangladesh at a relatively low price.

2. Heron Water Purifier is able to provide pure water as per requirement as the water purification flow is relatively high.

3. One of the advantages of using a Heron water filter is that its PP / GAC / CTO sediment filter or purifier cartridge is relatively cheap, making it economical to change the sediment filter at regular intervals.

4. Heron water filter is available in Bangladesh with different numbers of filter stages, filtration system, water purifier flow, and reserve tank capacity as per requirement.

5. Heron water purifier is made with superior quality materials so these are able to provide pure water for a long time.

What is the popular model of Heron Water Filter?

Several models of Heron water purifier has gained great popularity in Bangladesh. Some of the popular models of Heron water filters are:

  • Heron Grand Plus RO Water Filter
  • Heron G-7 RO Water Purifier
  • Heron Pearl RO Water Purifier
  • Heron Smart Elegant RO Water Purifier
  • Heron CT-40 RO Water Purifier
  • Heron Pro-7 RO Water Purifier
  • Heron Max Life Hot-Cool-Normal RO Purifier
  • Heron Max Hot & Normal RO Purifier

Best Heron Water Filter Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best heron water filter list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best heron water filter list has been created based on the interest for heron water filter buyers of BD Stall.

Heron Water Filter Model Price in BD
Heron Premium 7 Stages Infrared RO Purifier ৳ 15,599
Heron Grand Plus 7-Stage Water Filter ৳ 13,300
Heron CT-40 5-Stage Filtration RO Water Purifier ৳ 14,800
Heron Smart Elegant RO Water Purifier ৳ 13,500
Heron Max 5-Stage Filtration RO Water Purifier ৳ 15,900
Heron GRO-060-UV Six Stage RO UV Water Filtration System ৳ 14,500
Heron Gold GRO-075 6-Stage RO Water Purifier ৳ 10,900
Heron GRO-2300-S Water Purifier ৳ 22,990
Heron G-UV-501 Five Stage 3.8 Liter UV Water Purifier System ৳ 6,500
Heron Max Life Hot / Cold / Normal RO Purifier ৳ 17,000