Selfie Stick Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Selfie Stick Buying in Bangladesh

One problem that everyone faces when traveling somewhere or taking a selfie together is the frame size of the photo. At the time of taking a selfie, as much as the required background view does not come clearly in the frame, and even if several people go to take a selfie together, not everyone is stuck in one frame. Selfie stick is used as a solution to this problem. Selfie sticks of various technologies are available in Bangladesh at very cheap prices.

What are the benefits of using a selfie stick?

There are various benefits of using a selfie stick. Selfie Stick will provide the following benefits to make taking selfies easier:

1. With the help of a selfie stick, many people can easily take a selfie together in one frame.

2. Taking a selfie with the help of a selfie stick reduces the noise in the image resulting in a clear image.
3. When taking a still picture with a selfie stick, the frame size remains the same from all sides.

4. In many cases, if the camera shakes during video recording, the video is not clear, but if you use a selfie stick, the video is recorded clearly.
5. With the help of the selfie stick, a photo or video can be started at the press of a button.

6. The selfie stick helps to keep the camera at the right angle.
7. If you use a selfie stick, you don't have to tell anyone to take a picture.
8. The mobile falls from the hand many times while taking a selfie and as a result the mobile breaks but the selfie stick holds the mobile firmly so the mobile is saved from falling.
9. Selfie stick is more useful in taking different types of action shots.

What is the price of selfie stick in Bangladesh?

Selfie stick price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 449 only. It is a Bluetooth supported selfie stick. It has a remote that starts taking pictures or videos at the push of a button from a distance of 10 meters. Apart from this, there are different types of selfie sticks in Bangladesh.

What should be known before buying a selfie stick?

Different types of selfie sticks are available in Bangladesh market. Due to the fact that customers do not know the correct information about these selfie sticks, many people cannot buy the right selfie stick. So before buying a selfie stick you should know the following things:


Before buying a selfie stick, you must know about its size. See how tall it is in inches or feet. You have to check whether the selfie stick of your choice is capable of taking photos or videos of the type, location, or location you want to take.


Find out what technology the selfie stick has so you can take good quality pictures or videos because if you want to take a still picture in a full size frame, the selfie stick must have Bluetooth technology. With the help of Bluetooth technology, the picture can be taken by pressing the remote button from a distance. Bluetooth selfie sticks are available in Bangladesh at very low prices.


Anya has a hobby of blogging. In this case, if you want to make a video, you have to face various problems, that is shaking. Sometimes videoing in a car or while riding a ride causes a lot of shaking in the video. So if the selfie stick is fitted with a gimbal, even if there is a lot of shaking, the shaking cannot be understood in the video. Video remains still. So check if the selfie stick has a gimbal or not. Gimbal selfie stick available in Bangladesh.


If you want to take pictures or videos with the selfie stick on the ground, you must check whether the selfie stick has a tripod or not. The selfie stick can be placed on the ground or on the road with the help of a tripod. So buy a selfie stick that has a tripod. Good quality tripod selfie stick is available in Bangladesh market for less money.


It is better to buy a rotatable selfie stick to capture pictures or videos at different angles with the help of the selfie stick. With these selfie sticks, you can easily take pictures or videos from different angles. So in capturing such pictures or videos, you must check the rotatability of the selfie stick. Many 360 degree rotatable selfie sticks are available in Bangladesh which are very cheap.

How to connect mobile with selfie stick?

Simple Selfie Sticks: Simple selfie sticks add a short cable to connect the selfie stick to the mobile. This cable has a jack that connects the selfie stick to the mobile.

Bluetooth Selfie Stick: Bluetooth Selfie Stick is completely wireless selfie stick. If you want to connect the mobile with it, turn on the Bluetooth option in the mobile and turn on the power of the Bluetooth selfie stick and pair it with the mobile only then the Bluetooth selfie stick will be connected with the mobile.