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৳ 3,500
2 days ago
Sammi P-1016 HG Mosque Mike

Ideal outdoor horn for mosque, high performance, clear and ultra long range sound, 1-3/8 horn coupling, 19 mm throat...

৳ 2,450
2 days ago
T-20 Heavy Duty Outdoor Horn

Heavy duty aluminium outdoor horn, 20 inch size, ideal for large outdoor installation, made In China.

৳ 4,200
16 days ago
Pyle PMP59IR Talk And Siren 50 Watt Professional Megaphone

Pyle PMP59IR 50 Watt professional loudspeaker megaphone has rechargeable lithium battery, talk and siren, aux in,...

৳ 2,500
6 days ago
Show ER-66 Hand Mike 25W Megaphone with Built-in Siren

Show ER-66 megaphone has built-in siren, maximum 25 watt power requirements, range 0.8 - 2 km, 8×"C" type batteries,...

৳ 10,500
6 days ago
Unipex TR 315 15-Watt Waterproof Megaphone

Unipex TR 315 waterproof megaphone has 15 watt output power, approx. 315m range, approx. 18 hours battery life, 208 x...

৳ 3,700
17 days ago
Show ER-66 Built-in Siren Hand Mike 25W Megaphone

Show ER-66 megaphone has built-in siren, range 0.8 - 2 km, 8×"C" type batteries, external power source 12V battery or...

৳ 19,000
17 days ago
UNI-PEX TRM-119 Max. 25 Watt Waterproof Megaphone

UNI-PEX TRM-119 megaphone has 8pcs dry-cell battery R14PU C size, 15 watt rated output, 25 watt maximum output, approx....

৳ 7,500
6 days ago
Toa 3215 15 Watt Hand Grip Portable Megaphone Sound Device

Toa 3215 hand grip portable megaphone sound device has 15 watt capacity, removable hand, audible range approx. 400 m.

৳ 3,300
6 days ago
Toa ER-520 Polyimide Diaphragm Speaker Hand Grip Megaphone

Toa ER-520 megaphone has polyimide diaphragm speaker with neodymium magnet, 8 hours battery life, durable ABS...