Hearing Aid

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৳ 68,500
2 days ago
Nuear Intro 3 CIC 6 Channel Digital Programmable Hearing Aid

Nuear intro 3 completely in canal hearing aid has 6 channel and 6 bands, digital programmable , active feedback...

৳ 108,000
19 hours ago
Siemens Nitro 3mi 24CH Digital BTE Hearing Aid Device

Siemens nitro 3mi digital BTE hearing aid device has rechargeable BTE with binax best sound technology, moisture and...

৳ 32,000
5 days ago
Siemens Prompt P BTE 8 Channel Hearing Aid Machine

Siemens prompt P BTE hearing aid machine has 8 channel, TwinMic microphone, 60 dB gain, fitting range 00-100 dB,...

৳ 35,000
moment ago
Starkey E Series 3 BTE/CIC 4-CH Hearing Aid Device

Starkey E series 3 BTE/CIC hearing aid device has 4 channels and 4 bands sound processing System, automatic telephone...

৳ 1,349
17 days ago
Axon X-139 Hearing Aid Amplifier Device Sound Enhancement

Axon X-139 hearing aid amplifier has smooth sound with internal speaker, filter out unwanted noise caused by airflow or...

৳ 115,000
2 days ago
Phonak Naida Q70 16 Channel Programmable Hearing Aid Device

Phonak naida Q70 programmable hearing aid device has 16 channel, stereo zoom, FlexVolume, real ear sound, SoundRelax....

৳ 1,100
3 days ago
Axon X-168 High Range BTE Amplifier Hearing Aid Device

Axon X-168 hearing aid amplifier device has ≤5% harmonic distortion, 129dB ± 4dB maximum saturation sound pressure,...

৳ 416,000
moment ago
Starkey RIC Halo 2 i2400 24CH Hearing Aid Device

Starkey RIC Halo 2 i2400 hearing aid device has 24 channels, up to 10kHz bandwidth, 900 sync, trulink, spatial...

৳ 12,000
18 hours ago
Siemens Lotus 12P Behind the Air Digital Hearing Aid

Siemens lotus 12P digital behind the air hearing aid has 100% digital signal processing chip, low distorted, low noise...

৳ 130,000
18 hours ago
Phonak Naida Q70 Programmable 16-Channel BTE Hearing Aid

Phonak Naida Q70UP programmable BTE hearing aid has 16 sound processing channels, quest technology, acclimatisation...