Hearing Aid

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৳ 9,000
3 hours ago
Siemens Touching Behind-The-Ear Digital Hearing Aid

Siemens touching behind-the-ear digital hearing aid has digital signal processing chip, highly advanced feedback...

৳ 18,000
4 days ago
Phonak Baseo Q5 2CH Adaptive Directional Mic Hearing Aid

Phonak baseo Q5-SP hearing aid device has 2 channel technology, speech enhancement, AntiShock technology, adaptive...

৳ 35,000
3 hours ago
Phonak Tao Q10 Programmable 3 Channel CIC Hearing Aid Device

Phonak Tao Q10 CIC 100dB programmable hearing aid has 3 channel technology, ITE portfolio based on quest platform...

৳ 27,000
4 days ago
Phonak Baseo Q10 3 Channel Programmable Hearing Aid Device

Phonak baseo Q10 programmable hearing aid device has 3 channel, 13 battery size, hearing fitting range 20-120 Db,...

৳ 21,999
3 hours ago
Phonak Baseo Q5 SP 2 Channel AntiShock Hearing Aid Device

Phonak Baseo Q5-SP 2 channel digital computerized hearing aid device has trivantage features, hear speech more clearly...

৳ 750
12 hours ago
Axon X-168 Hearing Aid Amplifier Device 450-3500Hz Frequency

Axon X-168 hearing aid amplifier device has 129dB ± 4dB maximum saturation sound pressure, maximum file acoustic gain...

৳ 71,500
4 days ago
Nuear Intro 3 BTE 6CH Digital Programmable Hearing Aid

Nuear intro 3 behind-the-ear hearing aid has 6 channel and 6 bands, digital programmable, active feedback suppressor,...

৳ 322,500
4 days ago
Nuear Imagine 2 Premiar IIC 16 Channel Digital Hearing Aid

Nuear imagine 2 premiar IIC digital hearing aid has 16 channel and 16 bands, optimal high – resolution sound imagine,...

৳ 75,000
3 hours ago
Siemens Sirion 2 BTE / CIC 16CH Noise Reduction Aid Device

Siemens Sirion 2 BTE / CIC hearing aid device has 16 channel capacity, multiple directional hearing aid microphone...

৳ 80,000
3 hours ago
Phonak Naida Q50 Programmable Hearing Aid 12-Ch StereoZoom

Phonak progammable hearing aid Naida Q50 has noise/ wind detection system, auto stereoZoom, sound recover, audibility.