Hearing Aid

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৳ 6,500
6 months ago
Rionet HB-23P BTE Hearing Aid

Compact size and super lightweight hearing, one unit for both left and right ear, low battery indicator, easy operation...

৳ 850
6 months ago
Audi Sound AU115 BTE Hearing Aid

Compact and easy to carry, behind the ear, enjoy the Audi Sound technology for the highest clarity, instruction manual,...

৳ 4,500
6 months ago
Rionet HA-20DX Pocket Hearing Aid Ear Machine

Rionet HA-20DX wired hearing aid ear device improves the clarity of hearing and convenient safe for adults and the...

৳ 10,000
6 months ago
Resound Match GN T80 BTE Hearing Aid

volume control, battery compartment, sound output, behind the ear, noise adjustment function, made in Denmark.

৳ 13,500
7 months ago
Siemens Fun SP BTE 6 Channel Optimum Fit Hearing Aid

Siemens fun SP BTE hearing aid machine has 6 channels, easy handling, sound transmission, complete protection, optimum...

৳ 12,500
7 months ago
Siemens Signia Fun P Low Noise 6 Channel Digital Hearing Aid

Siemens signia fun P digital hearing aid has 6 channel, low distortion, low noise automatic microphone noise reduction,...

৳ 10,500
7 months ago
Siemens Fast P BTE 4-Channel Comfortable Hearing Aid Device

Easy handling, 4 channel, sound transmission, complete protection, compact and comfortable design, moisture / sweat /...

৳ 147,000
1 month ago
Siemens Signia Pure 3Nx 24 Channel RIC Hearing Aid Device

Siemens Signia Pure 3Nx hearing aid device has 24 Channel digital processing, 4 types of receiver, high frequency...

৳ 25,000
1 month ago
Siemens Run SP Behind-The-Ear 75dB Gain Hearing Aid Device

Siemens run SP behind-the-ear hearing aid device has 8 channel capacity, fitting range 00-120 dB, 0+3+0 programs,...

৳ 135,000
1 month ago
Siemens Pure 3bx 24 channel Digital RIC Hearing Aid Device

Siemens pure 3bx digital RIC hearing aid device has 24 channel capacity, wireless connectivity and remotely control,...

৳ 75,000
1 month ago
Siemens Sirion 2 BTE / CIC 16CH Noise Reduction Aid Device

Siemens Sirion 2 BTE / CIC hearing aid device has 16 channel capacity, multiple directional hearing aid microphone...

৳ 35,000
1 month ago
Starkey Hearing Aid E Series 4CH 3 CIC 90dB Noise Protection

Starkey hearing aid device E series 3 CIC has noise reduction, sudden noise protection, 4-channels, 90dB, feedback...

৳ 15,000
1 month ago
Siemens Fun SP BTE 6CH Optimum Fit Hearing Aid Device

Siemens fun SP BTE hearing aid device has 6 channel capacity, optimum fit design, gain 60 dB, fitting range 00-120 dB,...

৳ 10,499
1 month ago
Siemens TOUCHING Behind-the-Ear Digital Hearing Aid

TOUCHING is a very reliable digital hearing aid by Siemens - one of the largest manufactures of hearing aids in the...

৳ 75,000
1 month ago
Widex Menu Me-5 BTE / CIC 5CH Noise Reduction Hearing Aid

Widex menu me-5 BTE / CIC hearing aid device has 5 channel capacity, noise reduction, sound stabilizer, occlusion...

৳ 35,000
1 month ago
Siemens Signia Run SP BTE 8 Channel Sleek Hearing Aid

Siemens signia run SP BTE hearing aid has 8 channel, ergonomic shape sleek design, gain 75 dB, fitting range 00-120...

৳ 30,000
1 month ago
Resound Enya ITC Noise Tracker-II 6CH Digital Hearing Aid

Resound enya in-the-canal ITC digital hearing aid has clear speech in noisy environments with adaptive directionality,...

৳ 55,000
1 month ago
Siemens Intuis 2sp 12 Channel Hearing Aid Device

Siemens intuis 2SP hearing aid device has 12 channel capacity, noise reduction, feedback cancellation system, moisture...

৳ 125,000
1 month ago
Resound 3D Linx Quattro RIE 14-CH Clear Speech Hearing Aid

Resound 3D linx quattro RIE hearing aid device has 14 channel capacity, exceptional streaming, easy and intuitive...

৳ 32,000
1 month ago
Siemens Prompt P BTE 8CH 70dB Gain Hearing Aid Device

Siemens prompt P BTE hearing aid device has 8-channel capacity, up to 110 dBHL fitting range, upto 70dB maximum gain,...