Saree Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Saree Buying in Bangladesh

Saree is the traditional dress of women in Bangladesh. It is the most popular dress among urban and rural women. It is used as the national dress of women on various occasions including professional work, weddings, festivals, and cultural events. With the evolution of time, sarees made in attractive colors and new designs have added a new dimension to the world of fashion. Currently, attractive designs of saree in cotton, silk, georgette, loom sarees, half silk, katan, banarsi is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

Where to buy Saree?

All kinds of saree in attractive colors and designs is available on Bangladesh's popular online marketplace at So, one can easily collect the saree of choice by ordering directly on

Saree price in Bangladesh

Saree price in Bangladesh varies mainly depending on the fabric, design, craftsmanship, type of saree, etc. The saree price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 500 which is 12-hand length Japanese silk saree. Besides, luxuriously designed saree is available between Tk 2,000 to Tk 6,000. Saree made of attractive designs, lace, stones as well as sophisticated fabrics cost more than 10,000 Tk.

Things to consider before buying Saree

Saree Fabric: Checking the fabrics of the saree is essential while buying a saree. Saree is available in different fabrics like silk, georgette, cotton, and chiffon. Whether the saree will be comfortable depends on the fabrics. However, weather and personal preference should be prioritized in addition to checking fabrics.

Design of saree: Choosing a design is also important in buying a saree because it involves the color, and pattern of the saree. Moreover, body type and color should be considered while choosing a saree design. Then, a desired quality saree will be available.

Height and Weight: The height and weight of the user should be considered while buying a saree. Large print saree with large leaves and flowers are usually heavy. On the other hand, if you are short in height, you should choose plain saree with attractive borders.

Draping Style: Saree is usually in different draping styles. Hence, one should check out saree with draping style that can be used comfortably. Because it is essential to consider comfort and confidence in carrying the saree style.

Occasion: A traditional saree paired with heavy jewelry is usually ideal for weddings and grand events. On the other hand, saree made of lightweight and simple design is suitable for daily use as well as for domestic occasions. Therefore, before buying a saree, you must consider the occasion or what kind of event you want to wear it.

Budget: A wide range of saree is available at affordable price in Bangladesh in various designs and fabrics. So, the budget must be fixed before buying a saree. Because the price of the saree does not only determine the quality of the saree. Hence, one has to choose a suitable saree based on the budget and preference.

Popular Saree in Bangladesh

Cotton Saree: Cotton saree is the most commonly used saree among all type of saree in Bangladesh. This type of saree is usually made of lightweight and cotton fabric. Cotton saree in different colors and designs is available at low price in the Bangladeshi market. This type of saree is an ideal saree for everyday wear as well as hot weather wear. A good quality cotton saree is available in Bangladesh for Tk 1,000.

Tangail Saree: Tangail Saree is basically a handwoven saree, which is widely produced in the Tangail district of Bangladesh. This type of saree is quite popular as it is made in unique designs with geometric patterns and motif features. The Tangail saree is light and comfortable, making it the ideal saree for daily wear as well as for various occasions. Tangail saree price in Bangladesh is quite cheap and available in the budget of Tk 2000-6000.

Katan saree: Katan sarees are usually made from pure silk. This type of saree is known for its rich texture and attractive designs. Moreover, almost all katan sarees are designed with lace. Katan sarees are mainly suitable for use on special occasions and weddings. Moreover, Katan saree prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 3,000.

Silk Saree: This type of saree is made from high-quality silk. Also available in various designs and patterns, which are attractive and luxurious. Silk sarees are generally a popular choice for use on festive and formal occasions. In Bangladesh, silk sarees are available for Tk 4,000.

Jamdani Saree: This type of saree is mainly famous for fine craftsmanship and muslin fabric. Jamdani saree is traditionally handwoven as well as crafted in attractive floral and geometric motif designs. This type of saree is suitable for special occasions and cultural events. Jamdani saree price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 8,000.

Best Saree Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best saree list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best saree list has been created based on the interest for saree buyers of BD Stall.

Saree Model Price in BD
Exclusive Embroidered Indian Georgette Saree ৳ 2,290
Half Silk New Screen Print Saree ৳ 750
Dot Printed Indian Silk Katan Sharee ৳ 1,900
Indian Silk Katan Boishakhi Saree ৳ 1,900
Tangail Halfsilk Afsan Print Saree ৳ 599