Stylus Pen Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Stylus Pen Buying in Bangladesh

Stylus pen is one of the most sought device these days to control any touchscreen device without touching it. Today's smartphones, touchscreen laptops, graphics tablets, and other electronic touchscreen devices all seem to incorporate stylus pens. Not only that, even if the stylus pen attached to the device is broken, these stylus pens are available to buy again. Some devices also have stylus pen support but must be purchased separately.

What are the usage of stylus pen?

Stylus pens are primarily designed to reduce the use of fingers on touchscreen devices. Stylus pen has some special features that make it useful for many purposes. The tasks in which the stylus pen is used are discussed below:

1. As a result of doing various things on the smartphone for a long time, repeatedly touching the fingerprints on the smartphone display results in many stains and the display becomes blurry. But using a stylus pen does not smudge the smartphone display and does not blur the display.

2. The stylus pen is especially useful for doing many graphics tasks. Because while working on graphics, picking colors, placing colors, choosing colors, giving borders and other tasks can be done very precisely.

3. Sometimes useful things need to be noted. Taking notes on the device usually requires keyboard presses, which wastes time. But with a stylus pen, you can easily jot down important things in an instant.

4. Chalk and blackboard are used to teach reading to young children. When children take chalk with their hands, chalk powder gets smeared on their hands and if they put that hand in their mouth, chalk powder can cause various diseases. But teaching kids to read using a stylus on a graphics tablet will keep them engaged and secure.

5. With the help of stylus pen, when various graphics works are done, the works come out very beautifully.

What technology stylus pen is available in BD?

Stylus pens are generally available in BD based on the type of work. These are:

  • Active stylus pen
  • Passive stylus pen

Active Stylus Pen: Active stylus pen has some extra features like bluetooth connectivity and also it can write on the screen.

Passive Stylus Pen:  It is the traditional stylus pen just act like a finger. 

How many types of stylus pen are available in BD?

Two types of stylus pens are available in BD. They are same in function but different in management. These are:

  • Battery stylus pen
  • Free stylus pen

Battery Stylus Pen: Battery stylus pens or rechargeable stylus pens have a battery attached. This stylus pen needs to be charged. Once charged, these stylus pens can be used continuously for more than 1 hour. This rechargeable stylus pen is very useful for designers.

Free Stylus Pen: Free stylus pen can be used directly but it is connected to mobile, tablet. With it connected, it absorbs some operating power directly from the mobile or tablet, making it usable for 30 to 40 minutes. It is especially useful for those who need to note down various things.

How much does the stylus pen cost in BD?

Stylus pen prices start from Tk 540 in BD and good quality ones go up to Tk 16,500. They can be used on any mobile, touchscreen laptop and other touchscreen devices. Its use is increasing day by day as good quality stylus pen is available at low cost. But before buying a stylus pen, know whether it will support your device and what kind of benefits it will provide because the price will vary based on that. And for good quality work, you should buy a stylus pen even if you pay a little more.

Best Stylus Pen Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Stylus Pen Model Price in BD
4-in-1 Universal Capacitive Stylus Pen ৳ 550
Universal Capacitive Stylus Pen ৳ 999
Sadocom Wireless Optical Mouse Pen ৳ 1,850
Apple Pencil A2051 2nd Generation ৳ 16,500