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৳ 30
1 hour ago
Surgical Mask

China manufactured disposable face mask for preventing risk of infection / viruses / dust / bacteria / chemical /...

৳ 550
10 hours ago
Half Face NP-306 Respirator Air Mask

Good quality respiratory mask, twin cartridge, twin exhalation valve half face respirator, flexible and comfortable.

৳ 150
2 hours ago
Frontier Grit Mask

Lowest resistance to breathing, skin compatibility, high efficiency non-woven filter media, non-lint construction, IS...

৳ 255
2 days ago
KN95 Face Mask

Mask provide intended effectiveness filtering KN95 percent of particles with mass median diameter of 0.3 micrometer,...

৳ 65
2 days ago
Non-Toxic Dust and Filter Mask

Filter air mask reduces from preventing risk of infection viruses / dust / bacteria / chemical / particles / pollen and...

৳ 120
1 day ago
Mallcom FFP1 NR Particulate Respirator Dust Mask

Non woven fiber materials, foldable type, nose clip with better fit, foam edge under nose clip, exhalation valve.

৳ 950
10 hours ago
3M 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator Dust Mask

Dust and another particle, 20 number per box, 8 box per case, white color, comfort class, 160 case quantity, cushioning...

৳ 150
3 months ago
Full Face Protection NP305 Chemical Respiratoe Mask

Replaceable filter tank material, single cartridge, twin exhalation valve.

৳ 140
4 months ago
Venus V-90 Safety Face Mask

Suit breath comfort and high protection, face cover nose and mouth comfortably fine particles do not enter edge.

৳ 120
4 months ago
Respiratory Musk

Respiratory musk.