Air Mask

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৳ 40
2 days ago
3M 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator Dust Mask

Dust and another particle, 20 number per box, 8 box per case, white color, comfort class, 160 case quantity, cushioning...

৳ 85
14 hours ago
FFP3 Safety Dust Mask

Protection against black mold spores / silica dust / asbestos / flu virus and other fine particulates, exhalation valve...

৳ 65
14 hours ago
3M 8822 Disposable Fine Dust Mask

FFP2 protection rating, white color, adjustable nose clip, style cup, 10 quantity per package, comfortable protection...

৳ 2,190
2 months ago
Xiaomi Mi Purely Anti-Pollution Air Mask

Nano-fiber electret filtering technology, three adjustable modes, quiet and ultra-thin fan, mask is safe and...