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3M 1860 N95 Health Care Particulate Respirator Mask Price in Bangladesh

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ID 51688
Lowest Price ৳ 100
Brand 3M
Item Face Mask
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Seller Location Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mask Standard N95

Price in Bangladesh

3m 1860 n95 health care particulate respirator mask price in bangladesh is ৳ 100. Natural rubber latex component, NIOSH filter approval rating, teal color, 99% bacterial filtration efficiency, help protect against certain airborne biological particle, fluid-resistant and disposable, FDA cleared for use as a mask, cup shape design, origin China.

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The N95 mask was developed by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in the United States to absorb pure oxygen. This N95 mask purifies about 95% of the dust. The mask contains a respiratory device that purifies the dust and sand particles outside, making the N95 mask also known as the N95 respiratory mask. This mask only helps the user to protect from external dust and sand.

The only mask that is made with respirators in the United States is the N95 mask. Masks are also made with different types of respirators in different countries, such as the FFP2 respirator in the European Union and the KN95 respirator in China. All these masks can filter about 3 million tiny particles.

Efficacy of N95 mask:
The main component of N95 mask is fine mesh of polymer fiber or fine polypropylene yarn. These components are produced by melting at high temperatures. In this case a kind of layer is formed inside the molten synthetic polymer fiber which filters the contaminated dust-particles.

Use of masks:
Normally, if you want to go outside, you have to wear a mask in all cases so that the dust and sand with germs from outside cannot enter through the nose or mouth. Tight-fitting masks of suitable models should be used. That's why you have to identify and test a specific size respirator and check the user's seal every time you use it.

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Hassan Mahmudul | 19 May 2020 03.51 AM Kn95FFP2 ata ki 2pcs 290 taka
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