3M N95 Mask Price in Bangladesh

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3M Face Mask Buying in Bangladesh

The N95 mask is currently the most useful mask to protect against outside dust. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health was the first to develop the N95 mask for the treatment of tiny particles. 95 in the general sense is that the dust particles in the air can purify 95%. The N95 mask contains a respirator that filters out oxygen, hence the name N95 respirator.
The main ingredients for making N95 masks are very fine synthetic polymer or polypropylene fabric. This type of raw material is usually melted at high temperatures to form a synthetic polymer of fiber by removing toxic material. Subsequently masks of different layers are made with this synthetic polymer mesh.

The N95 mask is usually suitable for medical or external protection from germicidal dust. This type of mask has to be used with tight fitting, but care must be taken not to push the mask while using it. So before using the mask, the correct model, size of the respirator and tight fitting must be checked. Especially those who have problems like shortness of breath, it is better not to use N95 mask.

N95 respiratory masks are the US standards and KN-95 respiratoy masks are the Chinese standards.