3M Air Mask

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৳ 700
16 days ago
3M N95 8210CN Respirator Face Mask

Face seal and cushioning nose foam, adjustable nose clip, comfortable and maximum virus protection, protective eyewear...

৳ 750
1 hour ago
3M 8210CN N95 Air Mask

White color, adjustable nose clip, cushioning nose foam, welded strop attachment, 3M proprietary filter media, help to...

৳ 840
1 hour ago
3M 8210VCN NIOSH Particulate Respirator Mask

Cool flow valve help keep cool, N95 standard, face seal and cushioning nose foam with adjustable nose clip provide...

৳ 530
1 hour ago
3M 9542V KN95 Anti-Particle Carbon Face Mask

Safe and breathable, NIOSH approved N95 rating, comfortable and maximum virus protection, adjustable nose clip and nose...

৳ 200
1 hour ago
3M 9031 Particulate Respirator Face Mask

NIOSH approved for 95% filtration efficiency, two-strap and lightweight design, better comfortability and ease of...

৳ 1,050
1 hour ago
3M 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator Dust Mask

Dust and another particle, 20 number per box, white color, comfort class, 160 case quantity, cushioning nose foam,...

৳ 750
1 hour ago
3M 8122 FFP2 Particulate Respirator Cup Shape Mask

Two-strap design with a secure seal, cushioning nose foam, NIOSH approved for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency...

৳ 17,500
2 hours ago
3M 9002 Dust Mask

Folding design, electrostatic filter cotton material, KN90 standard, 50 pieces in box, adjustable nose clip, headband,...

৳ 1,250
1 hour ago
3M 1860 N95 Health Care Particulate Respirator Mask

Natural rubber latex component, NIOSH filter approval rating, teal color, 99% bacterial filtration efficiency, help...

৳ 950
1 hour ago
3M 8210 Plus N95 Mask

NIOSH approved filtration by 95%, disposable particulate braided headband with two-strap design, adjustable nose...

৳ 899
5 days ago
3M 8210 N95 Health Care Dust Mask

NIOSH approved for 95% filtration efficiency against dust / particles and viruses, two-strap design, non-woven...