Button Pull Tester

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৳ 135,000
1 hour ago
HTP-005 Button Pull Test Machine

Button pull test machine used for measuring the responsibility of garment manufacturer to ensure button and firmware...

৳ 175,000
6 days ago
Safeguard Button Pull Tester

SafGuard Button Pull Tester With Standard Instruments for textile industry, 30 Kg Imada Japan Push Pull Scale.

৳ 174,500
1 month ago
Heavy Duty Safguard Button Pull Tester Machine

Safguard button pull tester with standard instrument for textile industry, push pull scale, 30Kg weight, made in Japan.

৳ 135,000
4 months ago
Ramp Snap Button Pullout Tester Textile Machine

Ramp snap button pullout tester is used to conveniently determine the holding strength between the button / snap and...