Khejur Price in Bangladesh

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Khejur Buying in Bangladesh

Dates have the reputation of being the best dry fruit all over the world. Because dates contain cholesterol, amino acids, vitamins (E-1, E-2, E-3, E-5, and vitamin-C), protein, iron, calcium, and fat. Eating dates regularly can get rid of various diseases, as well as avoid various complex diseases.

How many types of dates are available in Bangladesh?

At present, about 100 varieties of dates are imported into Bangladesh from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq. Out of which 20 to 22 types of dates are available in Dhaka. Some dates varieties popular among the people of Bangladesh and with high nutritional value are discussed:

Ajwa Dates: Ajwa dates are the best dates in Madinah and are relatively expensive. Ajwa dates are black in color like Java Plum. And, the nutritional value of Ajwa dates is comparatively the highest. Also, Ajwa dates are especially beneficial for people suffering from heart disease.

Maryam Dates: Maryam dates is unique in terms of taste and nutritional value. The popularity of Maryam dates is wide in the outside world and in Bangladesh. Maryam dates have higher polyphenol content than other dates. Maryam dates are second only to Ajwa dates in terms of taste and nutritional value. Especially Maryam dates of Madinah have the best taste. Maryam dates are also known as the Mabrum dates. These dates grow up to 1 inch tall and the kernel is small in size. And, soft to eat and very good tasting.

Algerian Dates: Algerian dates are slightly taller and the size of the dates kernel is smaller compared to the size of the dates. These dates have high flesh content and are available at relatively low prices.

Medjul Dates: Medjul dates imported from Egypt are soft and very sweet, so the price is relatively high. Medjool dates are tall and thick in shape. On the other hand, Medjool dates have the reputation of being the queen of dates.

Dabbas Dates: Dabbas dates are very popular among people from all levels in Bangladesh. Because Dabbas dates are available at comparatively lowest prices everywhere in Bangladesh. Hence, Dabbas dates are the most imported dates every year. Dabbas dates are very tasty to eat. And, this dates looks like a giant and a bit tall.

Safawi Dates: Safawi dates are dark brown in color and slightly elongated. The specialty of Safawi dates is that these dates taste very close to Maryam dates. Safawi dates are mainly produced in Madinah and Saudi Arabia. These dates are soft and sweet to eat.

Amber Dates: Among the dates produced in Madinah, Amber Dates have the reputation of being the largest dates. Due to its unique taste and soft texture, amber dates are in demand in the outside world including Bangladesh. These dates are produced only in Medina Munawara. Amber dates are among the most expensive dates in comparison.

Nagal Dates: Nagal dates taste much like dabbas dates. However, Nagal dates are taller and larger in appearance than Dabbas dates. The prices of Nagal dates are relatively low.

Khurma Khejur: Khurma khejur is famous worldwide as the driest dates. Khurma khejur produced in Saudi Arabia has gained wide popularity in Bangladesh due to its different taste. Khurma dates are yellow in color and elongated. Khurma dates are available in Bangladesh at relatively low prices.

Tunisian Dates: Tunisian dates look similar to Algerian dates but are comparatively fluffier, softer, and darker in color. There is a huge demand for Tunisian dates in Bangladesh.

Sukkari Dates: Sukkari Dates are much sweeter in comparison. These dates look like a fierce golden color. Sukkari dates are widely grown throughout Saudi Arabia. One of the benefits of Sukkari dates is that these dates can be kept for a long time. The price of Sukkari dates in Bangladesh is relatively high.

Kudri Dates: Kudri dates are mainly imported from Saudi Arabia. These dates are very attractive to look at and very tasty to eat. There is a huge demand for Kudri dates in Bangladesh. The price of Kudri dates is relatively affordable.

Sugai Dates: The base of Sugai date is basically dry and the rest of the body is soft. And, in terms of color, the tip is golden and the rest of the body is brown. Sugai dates are very popular in Bangladesh due to two types of taste and varied textures.

Zahidi Dates: Zahidi Dates are available at the lowest price in Bangladesh, therefore Zahidi Dates are at the top of the demand of the lower class people. Hence, large quantities of Zahidi dates are imported from Iraq every year. Zahidi dates are sweet and soft to eat.

Also, many varieties of dates are available in Bangladesh. However, some grades of all types of dates are imported into Bangladesh. Dates are graded based on quality and size. As a result, prices vary due to different grades of dates within the same variety.

Benefits of Dates

  • Dates increase cardiac function and strengthen the heart
  • Dates maintain the balance of potassium and sodium in the body
  • Dates help to prevent dehydration
  • Dates contain iron so can cure anemia
  • Dates contain calcium which helps in keeping bones strong
  • Dates help to increase the energy of the body
  • Dates contain a lot of fiber, which helps in relieving constipation. In that case, drink plenty of water with dates
  • Dates help in keeping mental health
  • Dates enhance the taste of the mouth
  • Dates help prevent indigestion
  • Dates help in maintaining good eyesight
  • Dates help prevent cancer
  • Dates help to relieve whooping cough

Be careful when eating dates

  • Diabetic patients must consult a doctor before consuming dates
  • Be careful about eating dates if you have high potassium levels
  • Patients with migraine problems should avoid eating dates and consult a doctor
  • Dates must be washed in clean water before eating

What is the price of dates in Bangladesh?

Dates in Bangladesh fetch between TK 200 and TK 2,500 per kg depending on the type and quality. Ajwa dates in particular range from TK 950 to TK 1,350 per kg due to the difference in quality. The lowest price available is Zahidi dates which range from TK 200 to TK 300 per kg depending on the location. And, Amber dates are comparatively the most expensive. Amber dates cost up to TK 2,500 per kg.