Light Meter

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৳ 6,500
2 days ago
Digital Lux Meter Higher Accracy Three Modes AR813A

Lux meter AR813A has ±4%rdg ±10 digits / ±5%rdg ±10 digits accuracy, 1~100.000 lux measuring range, lux unit...

৳ 13,000
4 days ago
High Precisio AS813 Smart Sensor Digital Lux Meter

High precisio AS813 digital lux meter has smart sensor, 1 to 200000 lux measuring range, ±3

৳ 8,500
1 day ago
Smart Sensor AS803 Digital Lux Meter Light

Function of holding reading data, displaying maximum or minimum value, auto power off, measure range 1~ 200000 lux,...

৳ 8,500
1 day ago
STO Smart Sensor AR813A Digital LCD Screen Light Lux Meter

STO smart sensor AR813A light lux meter has ±4%rdg ±10 digits / ±5%rdg ±10 digits high accuracy, 1~100.000 lux...

৳ 7,500
2 months ago
Mastech MS6612 Digital 200000 Lux / FC Light Meter Tester

Mastech MS6612 digital 200000 Lux / FC light meter tester has 2000 counts display, auto ranging, auto power off,...

৳ 8,700
25 days ago
Lux Meter Industrial Three Manual Mode AR813A

Lux meter AR813A has 1~100.000 lux measuring range, ±4%rdg ±10 digits / ±5%rdg ±10 digits accuracy, lux unit...

৳ 9,800
3 months ago
Lux Meter / Light Assessment Meter

Our products that are available “Lux Meter” are manufactured from trusted vendors. Lux meters are used for timed...

৳ 3,500
5 months ago
Lutron LX1010B LCD Screen Digital Light Level Meter

Lutron LX1010B digital light level meter has large LCD display, silicon photo diode sensor, filter data hold function,...