Air Ticket Price in Bangladesh | Domestic & International Fare

Planes are the most convenient means of transportation from one place in the country to another by Domestic Airlines or from one country to another by International Airlines. It is easy to travel far in a short time by traveling by plane. And with a few things in mind, your trip can be as enjoyable as it is economical.

1. Book tickets in advance, it will save your money

2. Compare ticket prices for different dates

3. See ticket prices of different airlines for the same destination

4. Once the ticket is confirmed, go to the website of the respective airline and check the date, time, flight number and seat number.

5. Before selecting an airline, find out how many Kg of luggage you can carry. Many times there are offers but there are some restrictions on luggage

6. Find out their charges for changing tickets or dates

7. Contact the concerned agency for any problem

8. If you buy a ticket with cash, take a cash memo