Laminating Machine

15 laminating machine
৳ 4,500
moment ago
Laminating Machine Silicon Roller Metal Gear A3-330C

Quality A3-330C laminating machine has silicon rollers, metal laminating machine gears, ready light / power light /...

৳ 3,400
7 days ago
Laminating Machine A3-330C Hi-Speed Silicon Roller

Quality A3-330C laminating machine has metal laminating machine gears, silicon rollers, forward / reverse switch, heat...

৳ 14,500
7 days ago
Laminating Machine LP-330T Heat Control Roller Protection

Laminating machine LP-330T has heat control roller protection, ≤ 330 mm laminating width, ≤ 2.0 mm laminating...

৳ 3,800
12 days ago
Laminating Machine PDA3-330C Heat and Cold Function 4 Roller

Laminating machine PDA3-330C has laminating width 330 mm, 4 rollers, heat and cold laminating function, operating...

৳ 3,100
7 days ago
Blue Sky A3-330E Heavy Duty Motor Laminating Machine

Blue Sky A3-330E laminating machine has 480 mm/min max laminating speed, 320 mm laminating width, quartz heating...

৳ 3,450
3 hours ago
Blue Sky BS A3-330C Laminating Machine 600mm / Min Speed

Blue Sky BS A3-330C quality laminating machine has speed 600mm/min, max laminating width 320mm, operating temp 0 -...

৳ 60,000
3 days ago
Electric Cold Roll Laminating Machine DTS1600

Electric cold roll laminating machine DTS1600 has max laminating width 1600mm, max laminating thickness 20mm, roller...

৳ 3,200
7 days ago
FGK 320 High Quality 4-Roller System Laminating Machine

FGK 320 laminating machine has heated roller system, laminates up to A3 size, external temperature control, heavy duty...

৳ 4,000
1 hour ago
High Silicon Metal 320C 600mm Speed Laminating Machine

High silicon metal 320C laminating machine has 600mm laminating speed, 80 - 180C operating temperature, AC geared...

৳ 18,500
3 days ago
Laminating Machine LP-330T Hot and Cold Roller Protection

Laminating machine LP-330T has hot and cold laminating function, roller protection system, up to 2.0mm maximum...