Laminating Machine Price in Bangladesh 2024

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What does laminating machine do?

We all know more or less about laminating. It basically wraps any important document tightly with plastic wrap and protects it from various harmful effects.

What is the ideal speed of a laminating machine?

A laminating machine can have different speeds but the normal speed is 3. If you want, you can control the speed as per your choice.

How does it work?

Basically, two loose plastic covers are given to the machine on both sides of a document. In this case, the plastic cover is slightly larger than the two main documents and in that extra part, the machine hits the plastics so that the document is filled with plastic cover and the document is damaged. Is protected. Here, the heating system is the best way to handle plastics. The heating systems also have a heat control system so that you can work with the heat as you wish.

What is the supported paper size?

Different laminating machines support different sizes of paper but most common machines support paper from 300 X 300 mm to 1100 X 1200 mm.

What is the price of laminating machine in Bangladesh?

The price of laminating machine in Bangladesh usually ranges from 4,000 Tk to 6,500 Tk for an A3 laminating machine. However, laminating machine prices vary based on size, performance, and quality. And, there are some A3 laminating machines that can do laminating at a higher speed than normal laminating machines, so the price is a little higher, such as 16,000 to 22,000 Taka. Also, there are some laminating machines that can laminate pages with higher thicknesses. And, the speed of these laminating machines is relatively high, so these laminating machines are priced between Tk 60,000 to Tk 1,60,000.