Photocopy Machine Price in Bangladesh 2021

Photocopy machines are an important and necessary equipment in schools, colleges, universities, offices and any business establishment. There is no substitute for a photocopy machine to copy any required files or documents very quickly and in a short time. For this reason, before buying a photocopy machine one should understand the requirements and choose which one to buy based on the work. With this, the budget should be kept in mind. The price of a photocopy machine generally depends on the machine's type and configuration.

Which photocopier brand is best in Bangladesh?

Most popular copier brand is Toshiba. Other brands are also available in the market such as Canon, Sharp, and Ricoh.

Color or Monochrome which one should I buy ?

Color copier is better because it can copy color documents along with black.  But the ink costing of color is more than monochrome copier. For industry and business color copier is a good choice. But for small shop where mostly black and white copy required, monochrome copier is ideal.

What is the price of mini photocopy machine ?

The price of a digital mini photocopier machine is 37,000 BDT but it depends on the model.