Photocopy Machine Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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Photocopy machines are an important and necessary equipment in schools, colleges, universities, offices and any business establishment. There is no substitute for a photocopy machine to copy any required files or documents very quickly and in a short time. For this reason, before buying a photocopy machine one should understand the requirements and choose which one to buy based on the work. With this, the budget should be kept in mind. The price of a photocopy machine generally depends on the machine's type and configuration. However, digital mini photocopier machines in the Bangladesh market are small in size and quite cheap.

Which photocopier brand is best in Bangladesh?

Most popular copier brand is Toshiba. Other brands are also available in the market such as Canon, Sharp, Kyocera, and Ricoh.

How much budget would be required to buy?

Photocopy machine price in Bangladesh starts from 46,000 Taka which can copy single side and duplex sided copier starts from 59,900 Taka. These machines can copy only Black & White. Color photocopy machine price starts from 122,000 Taka with auto duplexing option. All these machines are boxed and brand new. However, the price also depends on the brand and specification so compare the price at BD Stall copier section to get the lowest price.

Color or black & white photocopier?

Color photocopy machine is better because it can copy color documents along with black & white. For industry and business color photocopy machine is a good choice. But for small shop where mostly monochrome copy required, black & white photocopier is ideal.

Single photocopier or duplex photocopier?

A single page photocopier can copy one page at a time and a duplex photocopier can copy both pages at a time. This saves time and reduces the cost of paper for copying. Basically, choosing a duplex photocopier or a single photocopier requires knowing the type of work. If one page is required to be copied in most cases then it is better to choose single copier as it will save cost. Again, if two pages are to be photocopied simultaneously, then the duplex photocopier should be selected.

Is the photocopier capable of scanning and printing?

Currently, many types of photocopiers are available in Bangladesh. These photocopiers keep up with the times and bring many special touches through new technology. And thanks to its technology, high resolution scanning and printing can be done with the photocopier machine. Some photocopiers can fine print useful items like ID cards.

Can it copy from mobile?

Some photocopiers offer the facility to copy or print from mobile with the help of WiFi technology. In this case, you can download the app of the specified brand and connect the relevant photocopier, so you can easily print or copy from the mobile.

What else is good to know?

Copy Speed: Any type of speed will be fine for general work, but high speed photocopying is good for business because many copies can be made in less time. Also the first copy time out should be taken into account and the shorter the better. It will save electricity as well as it will take less time.

Paper Size: All photocopiers support A4 paper. However, if the photocopy machine supports A3 paper, it is good because all types of paper can be used.

Zoom Capability: It is good to have zoom capability in the photocopier machine as it can make very large size documents smaller.

Ink consumption: A basic toner is supplied with the photocopier. Next, find out how much the original ink will cost and calculate how much it will cost per copy. This is very important when buying a copier for business. And find out if compatible inks from other companies are supported.

Paper Tray: There is usually a 200 sheet paper tray so it is good to know how much it supports. You also need to know how much paper the bypass tray supports and how many additional trays can be attached.

Duty Cycle: Every photocopier requires maintenance after a certain period of time so it is important to know its duty cycle.

Some common questions about Photocopier in Bangladesh

1. How much does it cost to print each page on a Photocopier?

Answer: The cost of printing pages on photocopier machine varies depending on color, toner, cartridge. Printing in black and white color costs about 50-60 paisa per page in Bangladesh. However, printing color pages costs between 90 paisa to 1 taka 20 paisa per page.

2. Can all types of Photocopier print in color?

Answer: Not all photocopier can print in color. However, in Bangladesh, only color can be printed with multifunction, color photocopier machines. This type of photocopier machine is generally used in offices, studios and other uses.

3. What is the warranty on the Photocopier machine?

Answer: Photocopier usually does not have a warranty but a service warranty of 6 months to 1 year is available.

4. Does the Photocopy machine run on DC voltage?

Answer: Photocopier does not normally run on DC voltage, but are commonly used on AC voltage in homes, offices or businesses. However, solar systems can be used especially when photocopier is used on DC voltage. Photocopier in solar system is usually powered by batteries from solar panels through an inverter. With a 300 watt solar panel, the photocopier can be used continuously for 2-3 hours daily.

5. Is stabilizer in Photocopier necessary?

Answer: Photocopier in Bangladesh does not require stabilizers. Currently, photocopier machine is capable of operating at 100-240 volts, so the power supply is safe with small voltage fluctuations. However, in areas where the power supply is inconsistent or the voltage fluctuation rate is high, stabilizers must be used. As a result, the machine will be protected from possible damage.

6. What type of toner should be used in the Photocopier Machine?

Answer: The specific model and brand of toner required for the photocopier machine should be used. This ensures proper performance of the photocopier machine and long-lasting use. Also using quality toner ensures high-quality prints and helps maintain photocopier performance.

7. What is the duty cycle of the Photocopier?

Answer: Generally, Photocopier by brand and model provides different duty cycles depending on color and toner cartridges. However, a photocopier machine can print 1200-3500 copies per day. Besides, 50,000 to 230,000 copies can be printed per month with a photocopier.