Toshiba Photocopy Machine Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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Toshiba Photocopy machine is a popular brand all over the world. Toshiba first moved to the copier business in 1999, and since then Toshiba Photocopier has been on the move. The japanese company has won the hearts of the whole world with its high quality parts and great performance, which has occupied the top position in terms of popularity and performance in the Bangladeshi market. Toshiba's copiers are relatively inexpensive compared to other brands, making them acceptable to all kind of people.

How much budget would be required for Toshiba copier?

Toshiba photocopy machine price depends on specifications and features. For single side photocopy machines price in Bangladesh start from 45,999 Taka which is enough for small shop and office. Duplex Toshiba photocopier price starts around 60,000 Taka which will give you convenient. All color photocopy machine supports auto duplexing and price in Bangladesh starts from more than 120,000 Taka. Also, keep in mind that you may need extra paper tray, extra ink, trolley so these will incur some additional cost as well.

How many pages can be copied by Toshiba photocopier in 1 toner?

Toshiba photocopier can copy minimum 15,000 pages with 1 toner. It is considered quite good in business.

What is the cost of copying in Toshiba photocopier?

Black and white copying with Toshiba photocopier costs only 50 paisa per paper. The cost of color copies will depend on the machine. Because not all machines have the same resolution. However, Toshiba photocopiers in Bangladesh cost less than other photocopiers.

How to connect Toshiba photocopier via mobile?

"Toshiba e-Bridge Print & Capture" app needs to be installed from Google Play Store or Apple Store and once connected, any document can be printed from the mobile.

Why is Toshiba photocopier machine the best in Bangladesh?

The Toshiba photocopier machine has many functions besides the copier that make it the best.

Scanner: The scanner function on the Toshiba photocopier can scan at a minimum speed of 25 ppm in black and white mode. Scanning speed will depend on the machine model in color scanning mode.

Printer: High resolution printing can be done with Toshiba photocopier. It can print ID cards beautifully.

Network: Many Toshiba models have LAN, Wi-Fi connectivity that makes it easy to connect and print from different devices. The copier price of this model is very low in Bangladesh now.

Duplexing: Toshiba duplex printers are quite popular in Bangladesh now for their low prices. With these, both pages can be easily copied, which is great for shops or businesses.

Zoom: All Toshiba models support zoom up to 400% so any document can be copied in a smaller or larger format.

How is the Toshiba control panel?

Toshiba photocopiers are very easy to control. Because there are many control buttons available along with the display to control it. All functions such as copy, print, scan etc. can be selected with these buttons and the quantity can be determined.

How does the Toshiba copier work in the climate of Bangladesh?

These Toshiba machines are specially designed keeping Bangladesh in mind so it works well in very humid weather and heat. And its warm-up time is very good, ensuring quick work even in winter.

Special benefits of Toshiba Photocopy Machine

One of the main reasons why Toshiba photocopiers are becoming more and more popular is that they have multi features. Once upon a time with a photocopy machine you could do nothing but photocopy, But now you can do anything from scanning to printing directly from a computer through Photocopier. Some of the more advanced features of Toshiba Photocopiers are quick launch, the ability to use paper sizes from A5R to A3, up to 250 paper feeders, the ability to copy any file in a very short time. These special features are what make Toshiba photocopiers the most popular. Toshiba has photocopy machines of various models and series. Their features and benefits vary depending on the price and configuration.

Toshiba Photocopier Machine Price

Now days various models of Toshiba photocopy machines are available in Bangladesh market. Toshiba photocopier machine price are not the same. Toshiba photocopiers are now available in  market price in Bangladesh from Tk 46,500 to Tk 3,20,000. Photocopier should be purchased according to the work requirement. If the amount of work is more, you can buy Toshiba duplex photocopier or Toshiba multi function photocopier. Your budget may be slightly higher for this requirement.

Toshiba Single Function Photocopy Machine Price in Bangladesh

Toshiba Single function photocopy machine is available in a budget of Tk 46,000 to Tk 80,000 in Bangladesh, which is usually small or mini photocopy machine. Toshiba single-function photocopy machine usually has quick warmup capabilities and provides quality black prints. The single-function Toshiba photocopier also offers single-sided printing of various sizes of paper via USB and Internet connectivity, but manual duplex printing is also possible. Also, Toshiba single function photocopy machine price in Bangladesh varies depending on the print capacity, model, and other features.

Toshiba Duplex Photocopy Machine Price in Bangladesh

Toshiba duplex photocopy machine is available with a budget of Tk 80,000 to Tk 184,000 in Bangladesh, which can be used for printing, copying, and scanning. Toshiba duplex photocopy machine usually has a touchscreen display, providing enough storage capacity to keep data saved. However, Toshiba duplex photocopy machine price in Bangladesh varies mainly depending on the model, RAM, ROM, printing capacity, and other features.

Toshiba Color Photocopy Machine Price in Bangladesh

Toshiba color photocopy machine is available on a budget of Tk 110,000 to Tk 399,000 in Bangladesh, which provides multi-function facilities and can print monochrome, color as well as black-and-white. Toshiba color photocopy machine generally offers customized user interfaces, as well as workflows that can be set as needed to increase productivity. However, Toshiba color photocopy machine price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the copier model, color printing capacity, advanced color management features, and multiple device connectivity options, among other features.