Canon Photocopy Machine Price in Bangladesh

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Canon Photocopier Buying in Bangladesh

Canon photocopy machine is the oldest and most popular brand in the world. The journey of Canon photocopier machine started in 1968 with the photocopying machine named 'Canofax-1000' by making photocopies on plain paper. Currently, Canon brand photocopiers are very popular among the users of Bangladesh due to the addition of new technologies and the ability to provide the best output to the user.

Why use Canon photocopy machine?

Canon brand photocopy machine in BD mainly have different models and series. Although all Canon brand photocopiers are structurally similar, there are some differences in terms of technical development, capacity, and durability. The special features of Canon brand photocopy machines are discussed:

Copy: Canon photocopier is very fast that any document or text file can be copied in a quick time. Hence, Canon photocopiers are the best in terms of copying capabilities. Canon photocopiers can copy at least 20 to 45 pages per minute. Canon photocopiers can copy both color and black and white pages depending on the model.

Scan: Canon photocopiers have contact image sensor technology. And, it has its own scan software so any document and text file or full-color image can be scanned easily. Canon photocopiers are capable of scanning 14 to 28 color and black-and-white pages or images per minute. PDF files can be saved by scanning as well.

Print: All models of Canon brand photocopiers are fast in printing. This brand of photocopier can print from a minimum of 20 pages to a maximum of 100 pages per minute. Moreover, it prints images with the highest quality and accurate color.

Color Quality: Canon brand photocopiers basically provide all kinds of color effects. Color cartridges are to be used according to the model or series. This brand of photocopier uses black-and-white as well as CMYK color processes, so text or images can be printed in accurate color.

Connectivity: Canon photocopy machines have added update generation technology. As a result, almost all models and series of photocopiers of this brand can be connected via USB cable connection as well as Internet cable, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to print from specific places and distances. Also can print and scan by connecting with a mobile.

Duty Cycle: Duty cycle basically refers to the endurance of the photocopier which gives an idea of the number of pages the photocopier can print. Canon brand photocopiers have a minimum duty cycle of 2,500 pages to 36,000 pages depending on the model.

What is the special advantage of Canon photocopier?

Canon photocopiers are built with advanced technology to provide high performance. Moreover, Canon photocopiers have integrated scanners, laser printing, and multi-function features. As a result, text or images can be scanned and printed as well as faxed with this brand of photocopier. Canon photocopiers can print and copy in high-quality and accurate gradient colors. If Canon brand photocopy machines ensure good toner, photocopies last longer. Canon photocopiers for multifunction systems suit any office and business establishment.

What is the price of Canon photocopy machine in Bangladesh?

Canon photocopy machine price in Bangladesh from TK 90,000 to TK 1,10,000 which can only do black and white photocopying and printing but the photocopy machines have relatively advanced technology. And, Canon color photocopy machine is available between TK 1,20,000 and TK 2,50,000 which can scan and print as well as color photocopy. Also, Canon photocopy machine is available under TK 3,00,000 which is mostly used in business establishments. Therefore, before buying a Canon photocopier machine, you should consider the work requirements of the office or organization.