Sharp Photocopier Price in Bangladesh

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Sharp Photocopier Buying in Bangladesh

Sharp photocopy machine is one of the products of Sharp Corporation. Sharp photocopy machine has black-and-white and color copying facilities depending on the model. Besides, Sharp photocopy machine can copy and print pages in different resolutions and sizes as per the requirement. Features and benefits of Sharp photocopy machine vary based on price and configuration. Sharp has different models and series of photocopy machine which is available in the Bangladesh market at relatively low price.

What is the price of Sharp Photocopy machine in Bangladesh?

Sharp photocopy machine price is determined based on its model and features. Sharp photocopy machine price in Bangladesh starts from TK 55,000 which can copy 24 A4 size pages per minute. Besides, the sharp color photocopy machine price starts from TK 1,95,000 which can make full-color copies every 10.2 seconds and black-and-white copies every 8.8 seconds. Also, advanced technology Sharp photocopy machine is available in Bangladesh which cost a little more.

How many pages can be copied continuously in Sharp Photocopier?

Any Sharp photocopier can copy 999 consecutive pages in high quality. As a result, Sharp photocopy machine is preferred in Bangladesh offices, educational institutions, and where there is a need to constantly photocopy many pages.

How is the control panel of the Sharp Photocopy machine?

All models of Sharp photocopy machines available in Bangladesh have digital control panels. And, along with the digital panel, there are buttons to easily command the machine. Moreover, Sharp has some advanced models of photocopy machines that include a touchscreen control panel. As a result, Sharp photocopy machine can be easily ordered to copy, print, and scan a specified number of pages.

How many pages can be copied by Sharp Photocopier with one toner?

Sharp photocopiers use different models of toner cartridges depending on the model. Also, the number of pages to copy varies by the model of toner used with Sharp photocopiers. However, Sharp toner cartridges can copy at least 10,000 pages. And, Sharp compatible toner cartridge is available in Bangladesh at relatively low price.

How is a Sharp photocopier for business?

Sharp photocopy machine costs 0.48 paise per single page photocopy. As a result, a new entrepreneur in the context of Bangladesh can easily profit from a photocopy shop with a sharp photocopy machine. Moreover, Sharp photocopiers can copy, print, and scan pages of various sizes, making them ideal for business establishments or shops.

What are the special features of Sharp Copier?

Sharp copier is more popular in Bangladesh because they can make high-quality photocopies. Other special features of the Sharp photocopy machine is described:

1. Print Facility: Several model of Sharp photocopier has the ability to copy as well as print at higher resolutions and on pages of different sizes. In short, Sharp photocopiers are suitable for use as printer.

2. Scan Facility: Sharp photocopier is equipped with scanning technology. As a result, the required paper can be scanned and saved for later use and the scanned copy can be sent to any location if required.

3. Connectivity: All models of Sharp photocopiers include a USB 2.0 connectivity port. In addition, several Sharp models has LAN connectivity option. Additionally, some models of Sharp photocopiers include the option to print via a mobile application. Sharp photocopiers fit modern lifestyles with a variety of connectivity options.

Besides, the Sharp photocopier can zoom from a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 400 percent as needed before copying or printing the page.