Textile Machinery

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৳ 8,500
18 hours ago
Suja SUHN2 Handheld Needle Detector

Suja SUHN2 needle detector has high sensitivity, switch function sound to alarm, easy to operate, convenient to carry,...

৳ 455,000
2 days ago
Rota Wash / Gyro Wash Color Fastness Test Machine

Temperature and time settings, rotational speed and an auto start function can all controlled from touchscreen.

৳ 18,000
16 hours ago
PJH Compressed Air Operated Riveting Textile Machine

PJH Compressed air operated riveting textile machine, suitable for prong ring attachments, 4.5-7 bar pressure, riveting...

৳ 14,500
13 days ago
Garments Exhaust Blower Fan

high ventilation capacity industrial type exhaust fan at different size and capacity. Body: Galvanized Steel....

৳ 25,000
16 hours ago
Textile Cloth Drilling Machine

Textile cloth drilling machine, this machine can drill holes through numerous layers of fabric, indicating button...

৳ 6,500
13 days ago
Rooftop Natural Turbine Ventilator Fan

Powerless rooftop natural turbine ventilator fan. It works by force of wind and ventilates hot and dusty air over the...

৳ 14,000
13 days ago
Textiles Exhaust Ventilation Fan

high ventilation capacity industrial type exhaust fan at different size and capacity. Body: Galvanized Steel....

৳ 15,000
2 days ago
Schroder GSM200 Germany Blade GSM Circular Cutter

Schroder GSM200 GSM circular cutter has germany blade, accurately cut out 100 sqcm specimen, apply for textile fabric /...

৳ 20,500
26 days ago
Rosen RS-AL3 Flexible Coordinate Vacuum Iron Table

Rosen RS-AL3 vacuum iron table has flexible coordinate with ironing process working, recycle of table condensation...

৳ 10,500
26 days ago
Max Round Knife Cutting Machine Octagonal Blade 25mm

Max round knife cutting machine has stand-up fabric cutter, 4" octagonal cutting blade, built-in knife sharpener,...

৳ 90,000
4 months ago
Flocculator 1924 Digital Display 4-Piece Jar Tester

Flocculator 1924 4 pieces jar tester textile machine has digital display, 25 to 250 rpm speed of the rotational...

৳ 120
4 months ago
Linking Pully Cover

This is safety device of Linking pully cover. This is requirement of Ethical Standard audit.

৳ 170,000
3 months ago
Fabric Inspection Machine

Fabric inspection machine has inverter drive for flexibility of inspection speed at the touch of a button, easy and...

৳ 10
4 months ago
Magic Erasable Pen

Magic erasable pen, 0.5 mm tip size.

৳ 240,000
3 months ago
High Precision 6 Heads Manual Label Printing Machine

Label printing machine has 6 printing heads, 355 x 555 mm pallet size, easy to print manually, maximum output, minimum...

৳ 58,000
4 months ago
Plastic Staple Attacher Machine

Staple pin attacher machine with double pin designed could fix the pins stably to the garments. The staple pin for this...