Laboratory Equipment

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৳ 350
1 day ago
Pyrex 500 ml Glass Beaker

Capacity 500 ml, transparent color, heat resistant, boro silicate glass material.

৳ 55,000
17 hours ago
Suja SUTTND01 Luxurious Intelligent Needle Detector

Suja SUTTND01 needle detector has magnetic induction detecting method, metal darner maximum 110mm detecting ability,...

৳ 24,650
6 days ago
Unicare LSES 8 GI Emergency Safety Shower

Unicare LSES 8 GI emergency safety shower has push-lever and pedal operated eye / face wash, fountain and pull-rod...

৳ 1,950
22 days ago
Digital Formaldehyde Detector Air Quality Monitor

Test holes designed to provide cross ventilation, portable design makes, 2200 mAh lithium battery, TVOC, formaldehyde...

৳ 3,100
13 hours ago
Formaldehyde detector 603A Sound and Light Alarm

Formaldehyde TVOC and HCHO, planar semiconductor gas sensor, high sensitivity, 0~3.000mg/m⊃3;(HCHO)...

৳ 2,650
6 days ago
Full Body Harness UEE 265K with Twin Lanyard

Full body harness UEE 265K with twin lanyard and kinetic shock absorber.

৳ 54,100
6 days ago
Fabric Swatch 15-20mm Height Cutter Machine

Double sided cutting mat, sample swatch cutter machine precision laser light, 400 cutting width, 15-20mm cutting...

৳ 2,100
13 hours ago
Olimpo 0-90% Optical Sugar Food Drinks Refractometer

Easy to focus and calibrate and very convenient to use, built-in ATC from 10 ~ 30 degrees celsius, durable and burns...

৳ 2,800
13 hours ago
UV-C Light Wand Portable Wall Sterilizer For Baby

LED display screen, ultraviolet light eliminate bacteria / viruses / fungi surfaces, hand-held lightweight design,...

৳ 1,700
13 hours ago
HailiCare CR-912 Allergy Reliever Massage Laser Therapy

Low frequency nose care rhinitis therapy massage machine, 1 pulse and 1 laser output channel, 650 nano leaser light...

৳ 27,600
6 days ago
Ramp All-In-One Shrinkage Template And Scale

Ramp all-in-one shrinkage template and scale has 250mm / 350mm / 500mm length between slot to slot, distance of scale...

৳ 1,250
6 days ago
Noise Reduction 3M 1426 Multi Position Earmuff

Soft foam-filled ear cushions, 21 decibel noise reduction, ear cups adjust easily for customized fit, poly carbonate...

৳ 6,500
1 month ago
Andro Made Gel

Contains testosterone, used for hormone replacement in men who are not able to produce enough testosterone.

৳ 95,000
1 month ago
Lab Incubator Hot Air Oven

Simple keypad input allows easy temperature setting, LED digital display, visual alarm indicator, 30 liter capacity,...