Laboratory Equipment

18 labratory equipment
৳ 25,000
11 days ago
Unicare LSES 8 GI Emergency Safety Shower

Unicare LSES 8 GI emergency safety shower has push-lever and pedal operated eye / face wash, fountain and pull-rod...

৳ 170
10 days ago
Nitrile NF1513 Chemical Resistant Unlined Hand Gloves

Nitrile NF1513 chemical resistant unlined hand gloves has about 13-inch size lenght, about 0.38mm thickness, usable for...

৳ 10,500
3 hours ago
Udyogi 4710-GI ISI Marked Industrial Eye Wash Station

Industrial eye wash station 4710 GI has lever and foot paddle for pushing, valve SS stay open ball valve with yellow...

৳ 30,000
12 days ago
LMS HTS-1003 Hotplate Stirrer

LMS HTS-1003 hotplate stirrer has ambient 5℃ to 380℃ heat control, low initial temperature of 60℃, cast aluminium...

৳ 1,200
6 days ago
Industrial Chemical Suit

Lightweight and durable fabric, attached hood with elastic around face opening, elastic opening for tighter fit at...

৳ 11,000
8 days ago
Unicare LSE 1B GI Eye Wash Machine

Unicare LSE 1B GI eye / face wash units provide full face protection from dirt and unwanted particles that can cause...

৳ 14,000
6 days ago
Four Wheel SS Industrial Trolley

4 wheels, SS materials, 500 kg weight, 24 x 36" dimensions.

৳ 8,000
12 days ago
V&A VA8030 Digital LCD Display Laser Tachometer

V&A VA8030 digital laser tachometer has LCD display, ± 0.02 accuracy, 100-30000 RPM measurement range, 1 sec sample...

৳ 2,700
11 days ago
Full Body Harness UEE 265K with Twin Lanyard

Full body harness UEE 265K with twin lanyard and kinetic shock absorber.

৳ 25,000
10 days ago
Lovibond ET 740 Laboratory Jar Tester

Lovibond ET 740 laboratory jar tester has 6 stirring places, 10 - 300 revolutions per minute, 0 - 999 minutes or 0 - 99...