Truck Price in Bangladesh

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Truck is the most important vehicle for goods transportation and logistics support. In keeping with the growing economy, truck plays an immense role in the supply of domestic goods in Bangladesh as well as around the world. Moreover, besides contributing to the economic growth of the country, trucks have gained immense popularity as they provide employment, and ensure efficient delivery of goods. Currently, various brands of truck including Tata, Ashok Leyland, Eicher Jumbu, Isuzu, Foton, Mahindra Bolero, Toyota, Jack, and Rancon is available at affordable price in Bangladesh.

What type of truck is available in Bangladesh?

In addition to the transportation of products and goods, various type of truck is available at low price in Bangladesh. Notably used truck is:

Pickup Truck: This type of truck is usually small in size. This type of truck can carry 1-2 tons of cargo. Pickup truck can be used to transport small and medium-sized items such as electronics, hardware equipment, and home furnishings.

Flatbed Truck: This type of truck is usually a medium-sized truck. A flatbed truck measures up to 22 feet in length and 8 feet in width. About 15-20 tons of goods can be transported with this type of truck.

Crane Truck: Crane truck is generally cable-mounted and designed with cranes. This truck is mainly used to lift and lower heavy goods. Moreover, a strong stand is included with hooks and enough cables for efficient handling.

Cement Truck: This type of truck is well-known as a concrete mixer. Cement truck is mainly designed for transporting and mixing concrete at large construction sites. It eliminates the need for additional equipment by performing the complex task of mixing concrete within the truck itself.

Fire Truck: Fire truck is available all over the world as well as in Bangladesh. This type of truck is primarily used for firefighting. This type of truck is designed with a siren system and various fire-fighting equipment.

Wrecker Truck: This type of truck is used to remove vehicles that have broken down on roads, damaged in accidents, or parked in unauthorized areas. Wrecker truck is mainly used by forces engaged in traffic control.

Tanker Truck: This type of truck is widely used for transporting liquids like oil, water, and chemicals. Tanker truck is very popular in Bangladesh for transporting liquid petroleum.

Dump Truck: Dump truck is an ideal truck for transporting materials like sand, soil, gravel, and stone. It is widely used in the construction of various structures including houses, buildings, and transportation of goods.

Trailer Truck: Freight trailer truck is usually 35 to 40 feet in length. This type of truck can be widely used for transporting heavy goods over long distances.

Covered Truck: Covered Truck is also known as Covered Van in Bangladesh. This type of truck is especially used for transporting food items and cosmetics. Moreover, covered truck ensures 100% protection of products during transit.

How to choose the right truck for business use?

Business need: Payload capacity, towing capacity, cargo space, etc. must be considered according to specific business needs before buying a truck. As a result, goods can be transported over any distance effortlessly.

Verification of truck type: It is very important to verify the type of truck according to the business needs, which will perform as an ideal vehicle for transporting goods as per the demand.

Budget: It is imperative to set a budget to buy a suitable truck, which will provide reliable performance as well as be fuel efficient.

On-Road/Off-Road Drive: As per the business needs, one should check whether the truck is equipped with four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, and an advanced suspension system for on-road/off-road heavy-duty transportation.

Safety Feature: Check if the truck has advanced safety features like anti-lock brakes, stability control, blind-spot monitoring, and collision avoidance systems to ensure the safety of the driver and cargo.

Test Drive: In buying a truck, drive the truck of your choice with a skilled driver to check engine power, transmission options, handling, comfortable grip, and other internal features of the truck.

Apart from reviewing the above issues, advice from other traders, an increase in payload capacity as per future business needs, and the addition of necessary equipment should be verified.

What is the price of truck in Bangladesh?

Truck price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 280,000, which is usually a pickup type, used for many purposes such as public utility, distribution, and emergency services. Truck is available in Bangladesh in both new and used condition. Moreover, truck price usually varies depending on the brand, model, load capacity, type, and other features. Truck with a capacity of more than 10 tons in Bangladesh is available on a budget of Tk 800,000 to Tk 1,200,000. Also, truck with high capacity and used in construction sites, road maintenance, fire service, etc., apart from transporting goods, starts from Tk 2,000,000.