Water Bottle Price in Bangladesh

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Water Bottle Buying in Bangladesh

Water bottle is a reliable and convenient solution for carrying and consuming clean water. Such bottle play an important role in ensuring hydration of people while traveling or in areas with limited fresh water. Moreover, water bottle has become an essential part of daily life for people of almost all age groups including students, office workers, commuters, and travelers to stay fit and healthy. Currently, water bottle of different capacities are available at affordable price in Bangladesh as per the customer needs and preferences along with attractive designs, high quality materials.

How much does Water Bottle cost?

Water bottle price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 35 which is a 500 ml capacity plastic water bottle. Moreover, the price of water bottle in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the brand, size, material made, insulation, and design, among other factors. Lightweight stainless steel water bottle is available from Tk 400 to Tk 1,000. Also, state-of-the-art water bottle with an advanced filtration system is available on a budget of Tk 1,900 to Tk 3,500.

What kind of Water Bottle is available in Bangladesh?

Various types of water bottle is available at low price on the popular online marketplace, depending on the needs and preferences. Noteworthy are the water bottle

Steel Water Bottle: Steel water bottle is generally durable and corrosion resistant. This type of water bottle is designed with screw-on caps or flip-top lids, which are easy to use and leak-proof. Moreover, steel water bottle is stronger, longer lasting and more environmentally friendly than plastic bottle Plus it's easy to clean, BPA-free, and doesn't retain odors or tastes. Currently, steel water bottle is available between Tk 300 and Tk 1,000 in Bangladesh.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Stainless steel water bottle is similar to a steel bottle, but the finish is smoother. This type of water bottle has a wide mouth, which is easy to fill and clean. However, some models of stainless steel water bottle features double-wall vacuum insulation to maintain temperature. Stainless steel water bottle is durable enough, rust resistant, and provides the convenience of keeping water properly hot or cold. Stainless steel water bottle price in Bangladesh starts from 500 BDT.

Glass Water Bottle: Glass water bottle is usually made of high-quality food-grade glass that is safe for drinking and consumption. This type of water bottle has protective silicone sleeves or removable covers that provide extra durability. Glass water bottle does not retain taste or smell and are plastic-free. This type of water bottle is also easy to keep clean. Glass water bottle is available for around 400 BDT to 1,500 BDT in Bangladesh depending on the current, size and additional features.

Sports Water Bottle: Sports water bottle is generally designed for health-conscious individuals and athletes. This type of water bottle is made of plastic or lightweight materials. This type of bottle has flip-top or push-pull caps for easy drinking and handles for easy carrying. This type of water bottle is perfect for carrying during workouts, sports activities, or outdoor adventures. The price of sports water bottle in Bangladesh ranges from about BDT 200 to BDT 800.

Aluminum Water Bottle: Aluminum water bottle is durable and lightweight making them suitable for daily hydration. This type of water bottle is designed with a flip-top design lid. However, some models have a BPA-free coating for added protection. Aluminum water bottle is light in weight, reusable, and resistant to rust and corrosion. This type of water bottle is usually eco-friendly. Aluminum water bottle is available at a minimum price of 300 to 800 taka in Bangladesh.

Things to consider while buying the best quality Water Bottle

1. Design and Grip: The shape and design of the bottle should be checked for safe water carrying during travel or exercise. Also, features such as comfortable grip, ergonomic shape, and non-slip or textured surface should be well considered.

2. Bottle Material: When buying a water bottle, one must check the material of the bottle. Currently, water bottle made of various materials including plastic, steel, and stainless steel are available at affordable price in Bangladesh. However, the durability and insulation of water bottle varies depending on the material.

3. Bottle Size and Capacity: The proper size and capacity of the bottle to carry the water as required should be checked. Also consider factors such as duration of use, portability, and keeping hot or cold water. The small water bottle is usually easy to carry. On the other hand, large size water bottle is suitable for safe water supply during long journeys.

4. Lid design and Leak-proof Feature: While buying a water bottle, check whether the lid design of the bottle is leak-proof to prevent water from spilling. However, it is better to choose a water bottle with a screw-on cap, and flip-top lid with a locking mechanism. This will prevent water spillage while carrying bags or backpacks during travel.

5. Insulation System: To keep water cold or hot for a long time, consider an insulated water bottle. This type of water bottle is usually made of stainless steel, with a two-layer insulation system that helps maintain the temperature of the water inside the bottle.

6. Easy cleaning System: Water bottle should be cleaned regularly to ensure proper hygiene. And for regular cleaning, consider water bottle with wide mouths or removable parts such as lids or filters, which can be easily cleaned as desired.

7. BPA-free and Food-grade Certification: When buying a plastic water bottle, look for the BPA-free label. BPA is a chemical that is present in plastic and poses health risks. Therefore, choose water bottle with food-grade labels that ensure water safety standards.

8. Environmental Impact: Environmental impact must be considered when purchasing a water bottle. Because stainless steel or glass bottle is more durable and long-lasting than plastic water bottle.