Perfume (Atar) Price in Bangladesh

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Perfume Buying in Bangladesh

Perfume is an essential element of personal grooming and self-expression. It is mainly used in daily life including family, social events, and religious events. Moreover, traditional attar made in Bangladesh, along with popular brands of perfumes around the world, have gained immense popularity among consumers. Typically composed of natural elements like rose, jasmine, sandalwood, and oud flowers, as well as spices and wood, attar is created. Attar is especially used during religious ceremonies, weddings, and other festive celebrations for their mesmerizing scent. Different brands of perfume and attar are available at affordable price in Bangladesh according to customer needs and preferences.

Some popular perfume brand in Bangladesh

Different popular brands of perfume and Attar are available in Bangladesh according to customer needs and preferences. However, the best quality perfume from popular brands including Al Haramain, Fog, Cute, Cool, lafz are available at an affordable price. Also, popular brands of best attar including Alif, Al Haramain, Al Nuaim, Cool Water Oud, and Al Rehab are available at low price in Bangladesh.

How to choose the right Perfume and Attar for long-lasting scent?

Personal preference prevails in choosing the right perfume or attar. However, there are some factors which help choose the right perfume and attar as per choice. Factors to consider in choosing the right perfume and attar

1. When buying perfume & attar, you need to consider the different fragrance notes. Perfumes and attar mainly have three types namely top notes, heart notes, and base notes. It is mainly because of this note that the fragrance of the perfume spreads on the skin.

2. Perfume and attar are usually available in various scents including floral, oriental, woody, and citrus. Therefore, in buying the right perfume according to preference, one should consider the fragrance that suits one's preferences.

3. Also, it is best to check the perfume before buying. Because using a perfume on the body can give an idea of how the fragrance interacts and whether the scent is desirable.

4. Before buying a new perfume, check the reviews of other customers. Then, a good idea of the fragrance's durability, projection, and overall quality can be obtained.

5. Perfume and attar are available in different concentrations. High concentration perfume lasts longer and light concentration perfume provides a more subtle scent. Hence, buying perfume and attar should consider the appropriate concentration according to preference and occasion of use.

6. Budget must be considered while choosing a perfume. Premium brand perfume tends to be relatively expensive, but are of good quality and provide long-lasting fragrance. Therefore, buying perfume and attar should be considered whether they will deliver a satisfying fragrance as per the budget.

7. Also, if you prefer a long-lasting scent, choose an alcohol-free perfume. Alcohol-free perfume and attar usually last longer than those containing alcohol.

Where to buy perfume?

Currently, perfume and attar are commonly available in various departmental stores, shopping malls, boutique stores, fashion houses as well as online marketplaces in Bangladesh as per customer demand and preference. Currently, a wide range of almost all popular brands of perfume and attar are available at low price on popular online marketplace So, one can easily collect the desired perfume and attar by ordering directly on

Perfume price in Bangladesh

Perfume price in Bangladesh generally varies depending on brand, quality, capacity, fragrance composition, ingredients, and packaging, among other factors. Moreover, perfume is available at an affordable price on the popular online marketplace Currently, the price of perfume in Bangladesh starts from Tk 500, which provides a pleasant fragrance and lasts for 2-3 hours. Moreover, popular brand perfume is available between Tk 1,000 to Tk 3,000. Also, luxury and prestigious brand perfume with exquisite fragrance composition starts from Tk 5,000 in Bangladesh.

Attar price in Bangladesh

Attar is a traditional perfume made from natural ingredients. The price of attar in Bangladesh varies mainly depending on the quality of the perfume, ingredients, capacity, and fragrance composition. Currently, the price of attar in Bangladesh usually starts from Tk 100, providing a pleasant fragrance. A wide range of scents and long-lasting attar is available between Tk 500 and Tk 1,500. Also, attractively scented attar made with superior quality ingredients starts from Tk 2,000 in Bangladesh.

Best Perfume Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Perfume Model Price in BD
Mukhallat-Al-Arab Surrati Attar ৳ 129
Dalae-Al-Sabaya Surrati Attar ৳ 149
Absolute Cool Attar ৳ 169
Cool Water Attar ৳ 169
Men-In-Blue Perfume Oil ৳ 169
Vercase Eros Perfume Oil ৳ 174
Choco Musk Attar ৳ 169
Mango Perfume Oil ৳ 199
Sensual Surrati Perfume Oil ৳ 139
Tommy Girl Perfume Oil ৳ 169