Mini PC Price in Bangladesh 2024

Mini PC has less processing power but document task, basic image editing and simple quality games can be run easily. Mini PC is ideal for low budget especially for school students as Mini PC price in Bangladesh ranges from Tk 8,000 to Tk 20,000. Most mini PC available in Bangladesh are used but are the cheapest solution for budget buyers. Read more

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Mini PC Buying in Bangladesh

At present mini PC is being used more in Bangladesh. Mini PCs are small in size and light in weight. Various small tasks can be done very easily with the help of mini PC. Again, various official work can be done with the help of a slightly better quality mini PC. The cost of mini PCs is lower than other PCs. So the use of mini PC is increasing day by day in Bangladesh.

Advantages of Mini PC:

1. Mini PC is small in size so it can be carried around easily.

2. Mini PCs in Bangladesh are affordable compared to other PCs. And in Bangladesh now some mini PCs are available which are within the affordability of everyone.

3. The performance of mini PC is like that of PC so all tasks can be done very easily with it.

4. Mini PC uses very advanced technology so it heats up less.

5. Mini PC has the facility of increasing the RAM so it can be set up for work needs.

7. Mini PCs are of different reputed brands so their performance is very good.

8. Mini PC consumes less electricity so bill comes less which is good for Bangladesh.

How much is the mini PC available in BD?

Mini PC is available for Tk 7,000 in BD which has Core i3 technology processor with 4 GB RAM. It supports HD graphics so videos and pictures are seen clearly.

Mini PC Buying Guideline:

There are many types of mini PCs in Bangladesh. Below are some special guidelines for buying the right mini PC in different brands, models and configurations:

Before buying a mini PC you must know about its processor. The processor should be selected based on the type of work. If you want to buy a mini PC for online meeting, internet browsing, audio and video viewing, then a mini PC with a simple processor is enough for your work. But if official work such as Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Power Point, also various online marketplace work, graphics design, web design etc. will need a good quality processor. So you have to select a mini PC that has more cores in the processor.

Operating System:
Windows and iOS operating system mini PCs are available in Bangladesh. Operating system should be selected according to preference and task ratio.

RAM is an important factor when it comes to mini PCs. The more RAM a mini PC has, the heavier it can handle. There are many mini PCs available in Bangladesh that can be upgraded with RAM. They have additional slots for upgrading RAM. Mini PCs with extra RAM slots are currently the best in Bangladesh.

Ports are an important factor when it comes to mini PCs. It is especially important to check whether all necessary working ports are present.

Without internet now impractical and wifi has made its use much easier. So check if WiFi is built-in. If not, a separate card must be attached.

How to connect the mini PC to the monitor?

Mini PCs usually have a VGA port to connect to a monitor, but some mini PCs have USB or HDMI ports. And some mini PCs that look like pen drives that plug directly into a USB port are called computer sticks. In Bangladesh these computer sticks are available at low prices but they are a little less powerful.