Solar Light Price in Bangladesh

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Solar Light Buying in Bangladesh

Since the invention of electricity, human life has become as affordable as it has become expensive. Because the use of electric lamps to light the house, office, business or road requires a lot of expenditure. In that respect, relatively low-cost solar lights are flawless, comfortable, and helpful to get rid of lightless life. The lights that provide light by converting solar energy into electricity through solar panels are called solar lights.

How does solar light work?

Solar lights basically work with energy stored from the sun in solar panels. Solar lights mainly use photovoltaic cells. Photovoltaic cells absorb energy from sunlight and generate an electrical charge. The solar panel and the battery are connected by wires. Which basically stores the energy obtained from sunlight through the solar panel as chemical energy in the battery. Later, the light is lit by connecting the battery to the solar light through the cable connection. As a result, you don't have to face the irony of load-shedding at night in homes, businesses, and roads. Solar light is still a trusted name in many rural areas. Moreover, solar lights provide 90% more light than LED and fluorescent lights and can be used safely for a long time.

Why use solar lights?

Nowadays solar lights have improved a lot depending on the needs and interests of people. Moreover, solar lights are definitely suitable for home and business use. Some of the main advantages of using solar lights are:

  • Solar lights ensure continuous light for as long as needed
  • Moreover, there is no problem like load shedding in the use of solar lights, so there is no need to worry about continuous use
  • The maintenance cost of solar lights is comparatively less as no one has to bear the cost of using these lights
  • Solar lights are much less prone to damage due to their high heat tolerance
  • Moreover, the cables and other components used for the use of these lights are contained within the system, resulting in less risk of use
  • Solar lights can be used anywhere as needed. Because currently, various types of indoor and outdoor solar lights are available in Bangladesh
  • Using solar lights is environmentally friendly as it does not emit any carbon into the environment
  • Install solar lights and easily update the lighting scheme with changing seasons
  • Any error encountered in use can be easily identified and resolved

What to look for before buying solar lights?

Knowing the essential features and accessories is very important when buying solar lights. Currently, solar lights are very popular in Bangladesh. So before buying solar lights, you must know about the things:

Requirements: Solar lights are load-shedding-free and cost-effective. So, choose how to use and where to use solar lights before using these. Moreover, solar lights are made in various designs and locations. As a result, both outdoor and indoor types of solar lights can be used.

Light: Getting the desired light is very important in using solar lights. Currently, solar lights are available with different lumens based on wattage. Moreover, solar lights use less energy than LED lights to provide more light. However, depending on the place of use, the number of lumens in solar lights is more or less.

Type of Solar Panel: Generally, three types of solar panels are used in solar lights namely amorphous, polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels. An amorphous solar panel is thin, flexible and light. And the monocrystalline solar panel is made of silicon solar cells. As well as strong, heavy, and efficient power-generating panels. Polycrystalline solar panels on the other hand are made of silicon solar cells which are much heavier and stronger and budget-friendly solar panels.

Battery: Battery is a very important part of using solar light. Because the solar panel in the battery stores the electrical energy as chemical energy and is used as needed. Currently, lead acid batteries, nickel batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries are mostly used with solar lights in Bangladesh. So charge time, energy capacity, weight, and longevity depend on the type of battery.

Run Time: Battery is basically required to run the solar light for the whole night or more. Also one should know how long it takes to recharge and how long backup is available with the stored charge.

What is the price of solar lights in Bangladesh?

Solar light price in Bangladesh starts from TK 500 to TK 600 depending on light power, sensor, lighting distance, waterproof, and non-waterproof. High-quality outdoor solar lights are available between TK 1,000 and TK 1,500. However, custom solar lights can be made as per requirement.

Best Solar Light Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best solar light list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best solar light list has been created based on the interest for solar light buyers of BD Stall.

Solar Light Model Price in BD
100 LED Motion Sensor Solar Light ৳ 750
Bombilla 42-LED Solar Light ৳ 848
56 Solar COB LED Light ৳ 1,090
Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light ৳ 549
Solar Rechargeable Emergency Light ৳ 390
Ensysco Solar Deck Light ৳ 1,650
Ensysco Solar Road Light ৳ 1,850