3D Glass Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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3D means three-dimensional. Here 3 dimensions are length, width and height. The video that we usually see on TV with the naked eye is in 2D format but if it is in 3D format then we will think that those scenes may be happening in front of us. Nowadays, 3D videos can be seen on almost all types of TVs. For this, the TV must have the ability to play 3D video. You will also need a 3D video as well as pair of 3D glasses.
There are basically two types of 3D glass, one is anaglaf and the other is polarized. Anaglaf glasses are the most common at the present time. It looks a bit like a bizarre type of spectacles. It has one eye glass with red color and the other side glass has blue color. Polarized 3D glass looks a lot like other ordinary glasses, but there are differences in the way it is structured. It is usually used to watch 3D videos in different theaters or cinemas.

For better 3D experience, you need to select the best smart TV.