3D Glass

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৳ 1,800
3 days ago
Samsung SSG-5100GB Comfortable Active 3D Glasses

Samsung SSG-5100GB active 3D glasses have manual power on / off button, 50 cm suggested distance between glasses and...

৳ 1,800
1 day ago
Samsung SSG-5100GB 3D Active Glasses for Television

Samsung SSG-5100GB 3D active glasses has 150 hours operation time, CR2025 battery required, dimension 151 x 40 x 161 mm.

৳ 3,600
1 day ago
JmGO HGL1 DLP-Link Rechargeable Active 3D Glass

Anti interference humanity electronic design, convenient operation button, smart synchronization, high speed LCD...

৳ 2,000
1 day ago
Sony TDG-500P Passive Theater Like 3D Video Glass

Sony TDG-500P 3D glass has the passive 3D technology used in movie theaters, feel the explosive excitement of...

৳ 2,000
5 months ago
Rechargeable 3D Active Shutter Glasse

Built-in rechargeable battery and micro USB port with micro USB cable, 3 hours recharging provides 50 hours operation...

৳ 6,000
9 months ago
Sony BT500T SimulView Comfortable Active 3D Gaming TV Glass

Sony BT500T active 3D TV glass have simulview, comfortable design, two-player gaming facility with separate big screen...

৳ 5,990
6 months ago
Sony BT500T SimulView Comfortable Active 3D Glasses

Sony BT500T active 3D glasses have SimulView, two-player gaming facility with separate big-screen views, comfortable...