Digital Camera Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Digital Camera Buying in Bangladesh

Digital cameras are the favorite of all these photographers who usually want to capture their memories all the time. Because these cameras are great pictures with easy to use. This type of camera is very portable and great for instant shooting. Most settings are automatic, but some digital cameras have manual settings. Another reason is that its price is much lower in Bangladesh. And if you want to capture personal video or vlog, then digital camera can be used as blogging camera because it is now available in Bangladesh market at very low price.

What is the advantage of Digital Camera?

1. Digital camera has an optical zoom feature, which makes it easy to capture distant or close-up images.

2. Digital camera includes optical image stabilization and electronic image stabilization features. Which helps to reduce camera shake and blur due to hand movement while taking pictures or videos.

3. Digital camera do not require the use of film, resulting in lower long-term costs.

4. Exposure, focus, and other settings can be changed as desired while capturing images and videos with digital camera.

5. Digital camera offers Auto and 100 to 12,800 ISO, resulting in quality images in low light.

6. Digital camera can capture fast-moving subjects and action photography.

7. Also, Digital camera can record 4K video.

Things to consider before buying Digital Camera

Megapixels: There is a general idea that the more megapixels, the better. Take a look at the quality of the lens because it allows you to take great pictures with it.

Zoom Lens: If you are a fan of birds, landscapes, buy a digital camera with long zoom. The zoom of this type of camera is integrated and cannot be changed later. So, first determine what you need. However, there is another option called digital zoom which enlarges your images so that it looks like a zoom.

Viewfinder: LCD is commonly used as a viewfinder, but some digital cameras have a dedicated viewfinder to view objects accurately. Try to get a larger LCD display so that more area can be seen accurately.

Anti-shock: This is also called image stabilization which means that the slightest movement of your hand when you take a picture will not affect the picture. This is a very important feature.

Facial Recognition: This feature is also effective because it can accurately identify faces and help to make the faces in the picture more vivid. Digital cameras can detect multiple faces simultaneously. So, find out how many faces it can detect at the same time.

Connectivity: USB is usually the most widely used way to transfer your photos. However, the Wi-Fi facility will make your job easier than ever before.

Budget: A good quality digital camera can be bought for Taka 12,000 which can meet your needs. Some cameras can take professional quality pictures and these digital cameras price in Bangladesh start from Taka 20,000 which is very affordable. So, look for the features you need and choose a camera that fits your budget.

Other features: GPS, memory card that is capable of storing your photos, and battery power, etc. to record the location of the photo shoot.

How much does cost digital camera?

Digital camera price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the brand, model, specification, and other features. Currently, digital camera price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 14,000, which provides sharp and detailed images. Also, the popular online marketplace in Bangladesh offers affordable price from entry-level compact-size digital camera to high-quality professional digital camera. Moreover, digital camera is available at a lower cost than advanced DSLR camera or mirrorless camera in Bangladesh.

Digital Camera price in Bangladesh under 5000

Digital camera is available in Bangladesh under Tk 5000, usually in used condition and older model. Moreover, children's toy-type digital camera is available on the popular online marketplace in Bangladesh, which is starts from Tk 1,000.

Digital camera price in Bangladesh under 10,000

Digital camera is available under Tk 10,000 in Bangladesh which is usually entry-level camera. This budget digital camera has basic features and is suitable for casual photography.

Digital camera price in Bangladesh under 20,000

The mid-range digital camera is available in Bangladesh on a budget of Tk 20,000 to Tk 30,000. This range of digital camera features advanced sensors, a wide range of optical zoom, and a built-in USB interface as well as other connectivity facilities. Moreover, digital camera with a budget of Tk 20,000 can capture quality pictures and videos.

Also, digital camera with exceptional image quality, advanced features, and superior build quality is available for professional photographers at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

Common Question About Digital Camera in Bangladesh

What is the resolution of the digital camera?

Answer: The resolution of digital camera varies mainly depending on the model. 12 to 24-megapixel digital camera is available at affordable price in Bangladesh.

What is the maximum aperture of the digital camera lens?

Answer: The maximum aperture of a digital camera lens ranges from f/1.8 to f/3.5.

How many frames per second can a digital camera shoot in continuous mode?

Answer: Digital camera can shoot 3 to 10 frames per second in continuous mode.

Does digital camera have built-in flash?

Answer: Yes, digital camera usually has a low-power built-in flash. However, some high-end-compact digital camera has a hotshoe for connecting to an external flash for Live Preview photo framing.

What is the maximum ISO sensitivity of a digital camera?

Answer: The ISO sensitivity of digital camera ranges from 3200 ISO to a maximum of 12,800 ISO.

Does the digital camera have WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity?

Answer: Common digital camera has USB connectivity. However, high-powered digital camera has other connectivity options including USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

What is the battery life of digital camera?

Answer: Digital camera battery life varies depending on camera usage, settings, battery capacity, etc. However, digital camera can take hundred to thousand of shots per charge.

Can a digital camera record video?

Answer: Yes, digital camera can record full HD videos from 720 pixels to 1080 pixels.

Does digital camera have in-camera image editing features?

Answer: Digital camera has in-camera image editing facilities, which include image cropping, resizing, and filtering as well as other features such as adjusting exposure.

Can the lens be changed on a digital camera?

Answer: No, digital camera generally uses fixed lens.

Best Digital Camera Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Digital Camera Model Price in BD
Canon IXUS 185 ৳ 20,999
Sony W830 Digital Camera 20.1MP CCD Sensor 8x Zoom ৳ 21,999
Canon IXUS 170 ৳ 14,000