PABX Price in Bangladesh 2024

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PABX System Buying in Bangladesh

Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) system uses a switchboard to automatically connect internal and external callers to specific internal networks. Various organizations use PABX systems to create private internal phone networks for security and privacy. PABX system can handle multiple incoming and outgoing calls automatically. Currently, various brands of PABX systems are available in Bangladesh including Panasonic, IKE, and Yester.

Why use PABX systems?

PABX system makes internal and external communication of business organizations simple and hassle-free. PABX is the only solution for controlling multiple incoming and outgoing calls at the same time.

Cost Efficiency: PABX systems create a private phone network that is cost-effective for intra-network communications. And the communication can be completed in quick time.

Call Conferencing: Through PABX system multiple call connections can be connected together through conferencing. Again, multiple conferencing calls can be handled simultaneously through the PABX system.

Automatic Ringback: Callers can be put on hold using voice response, voicemail, and do-not-disturb options when all lines in the PABX's internal network are busy. And, subsequently automatically calls back as soon as the line becomes free.

Call Transfer: Calls on busy lines of the PABX system can be transferred to other lines of the PABX either automatically or manually. Also, calls can be easily transferred for other needs.

Security: Internal and external communication systems of the organization are secure and risk-free by using the PABX system.

Where are PABX systems used?

PABX systems are used by small to large government and private organizations to make their internal and external communication systems secure and hassle-free. Especially nowadays PABX system is being used more for providing customer service. Also, it is used by stock markets, banking institutions, and various institutions especially for managing multiple incoming and outgoing calls. Moreover, small and large apartments use the PABX system for internal communication.

What to do before buying a PABX system?

PABX system should be selected according to the requirements of the organization.

PABX Type: ISDN / Analog and IP / Hybrid type PABX is currently available in Bangladesh. Select the type of PABX as per the requirements of the company. However, if the size of the organization is large and considering the range of communication, IP / hybrid type IPBX should be used.

Call extension: Call extension should be checked as per the requirement of the organization. Because the higher the call extension, the more calls can be received at the same time.

Backup: During a power outage, the PABX system should be looked at for how long it is capable of providing battery backup. Moreover, you can setup a separate IPS system if needed.

Features: PABX systems include features such as call conferencing, automatic ringback, call transfer, and voice mail. So, before buying a PABX system, you must check whether it has the required features.

What is the cost of PABX system in Bangladesh?

Currently, PABX price in Bangladesh starts from a minimum of TK 3,500 to a maximum of TK 2,70,000 depending on the brand, type, extension line, and features of the PABX. However, better quality PABX systems are available between TK 15,000 and TK 50,000. And, IP PBX price in Bangladesh starts from a minimum of TK 11,500 to a maximum of TK 1,50,000. Also, PABX systems are currently available in BD in package form priced between TK 11,500 to TK 1,00,000 depending on the package configuration.