Network Cable

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৳ 11,000
2 days ago
D-Link UTP 23AWG Original CAT-6 Cable

305 meter cable length, PVC jacket material and high speed data transfer.

৳ 2,200
13 days ago
Fiber Optic Drop Cable SC to SC Simplex

Long distance and local optical transmission network, data transmission network, image transmission networks, single...

৳ 12,000
2 days ago
Rosenberger CAT.6 305M UTP Fast-Ethernet

CAT.6 data cabling transmit voice, data and video signal, high-bandwidth application, especially suitable for...

৳ 2,750
18 hours ago
Szadp UTP Cat-5E LAN Cable with 130M Signal

4 unshielded twisted pairs, CCA, conductor diameter 0.5mm nominal, jacket material PVC UL94V-0 and cable diameter 5.0mm...

৳ 150
2 days ago
SYSTIMAX 1 Meter UTP Cat-6 Patch Cord

SYSTIMAX 1 meter UTP cat-6 patch cord.

৳ 7,500
2 days ago
Hikvision CAT-6 Network Cable

Hikvision cat-6 network cable has 305-meter length, unshielded twisted pair cable shielding, orange color, made in...

৳ 12,000
2 days ago
Panduit UTP Cat-6 Full Copper 305 Meter Networking LAN Cable

0.225 inch diameter, 550 MHz characterized channel, ethernet 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T/ 1000BASE-T/ 10GBASE-T/ 1.2 Gb/s ATM...

৳ 12,500
2 months ago
Rosenberger Original CAT6 UTP 305M Ethernet Cable

CAT6 data cable for structured premise cabling transmits voice / data and video signal, 305-meter cable length,...

৳ 11,500
6 months ago
D-Link UTP Cat-6 305 Meter RJ45 Copper Network Cable

D-Link cat-6 RJ45 copper network cable has 305 meter cable length, 0.56 mm conductor diameter, PVC jacket material and...

৳ 8,200
6 months ago
Cisco QSFP-8LC10G-AOC20M 5M MPO Breakout Network Cable

Cisco compatible, active optical breakout cable, QSFP+ to 8xLC form factor, 40G to 4x10G speed, laser optimised...

৳ 14,500
2 months ago
Panduit UTP Cat-6 305 Meter Full Copper Networking LAN Cable

Cable diameter 0.225 inch, characterized channel 550 MHz, Ethernet 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T/ 1000BASE-T/ 10GBASE-T/ 1.2 Gb/s...

৳ 10,200
5 months ago
Vivanco CAT6 UTP 300 Meter Network Cable

Vivanco CAT6 UTP network cable has 305 meter length.

৳ 13,000
6 months ago
Panduit NetKey NUC6C04BU-C 305M CAT-6 Network Cable

Panduit NetKey NUC6C04BU-C UTP CAT-6 network cable has 305 meter length, 0.222 inch nominal diameter, 4 pairs,...

৳ 3,200
6 months ago
SFP+ Direct Attach Network Cable 1 Meter 10-Gigabit Ethernet

SFP+ direct attach cable 10G fiber channel and other industry standards, 10-gigabit ethernet network.

৳ 12,000
6 months ago
Rosenberger CAT-6 UTP 305M Network Cable

Pure copper cable and 305 meter cable length, supports high-bandwidth applications, suitable for gigabit data, voice...

৳ 12,000
6 months ago
Micronet Cat-6 305-Meter Grey Network Cable

305-meter length, 75°C 300V rating temp voltage, grey color, UTP cable type, 56 pF/M max mutual capacitance, origin...

৳ 11,100
6 months ago
Vivanco CAT-6 305M UTP Network Cable

Unshielded PVC jaket, pure copper cable, 305 meter cable length.

৳ 4,500
7 months ago
Outdoor Waterproof 305M UTP CAT-6 Cable

High quality outdoor FTP CAT-6 cable, shielded with dry gel tape, 4 twisted pairs of 23 AWG wire and center spline with...

৳ 2,150
9 months ago
ADP Cat-5 305 Meter PVC Material RJ45 Internet Cable

ADP UTP CAT-5 internet cable has 305 meter length, 4 unshielded twisted pairs, 0.5mm nominal networking cable conductor...

৳ 200
10 months ago
Optical Fiber 5 Meter Patch Cord

Good compatibility, high precision of mechanical dimensions, high reliability and stability.