Network Cable

47 network cable
৳ 2,350
1 day ago
UltraNet Cat5e Ultra Long Life 305M High Speed UTP Cable

UltraNet CAT5e RJ45 LAN cable has best quality outer jacket in 305m cable, 4 pair 24 AWG, high speed data pass...

৳ 200
7 days ago
Optical Fiber 5 Meter Patch Cord

Good compatibility, high precision of mechanical dimensions, high reliability and stability.

৳ 11,200
4 days ago
Safenet LSZH 305 Meter CAT-6 Fire Resistant UTP Cable

Safenet LSZH 305 meter long CAT-6 fire resistant full copper UTP cable.

৳ 13,500
26 days ago
Systimax CAT6 Gigaspeed XL Copper Unshielded UTP Cable

Systimax CAT6 gigaspeed XL MGS400 series category 6 unshielded copper UTP network cable has 23 AWG, 4 pairs, solid bare...

৳ 11,500
28 days ago
Vivanco CAT6 UTP 305 Meter Cable

Vivanco CAT6 UTP cable has 305 meter length.

৳ 200
28 days ago
Vivanco 1M Cat6 UTP Patch Cord

Vivanco 1M cat6 UTP patch cord.

৳ 2,150
7 days ago
D-Link Cat-5 4 Piar CCA 305 Meter RJ45 Aluminum LAN Cable

D-link Cat-5 aluminum LAN cable has 305 meter cable length, 4 pairs twisted CCA, PVC jacket material, 0.45 mm nominal...

৳ 11,500
11 days ago
D-Link UTP Cat-6 305 Meter RJ45 Copper Network Cable

D-Link cat-6 RJ45 copper network cable has 305 meter cable length, 0.56 mm conductor diameter, PVC jacket material and...

৳ 3,250
1 day ago
ADP CAT-6 CCA 0.5mm Outdoor Networking Cable

ADP UTP CAT-6 networking cable has 4 unshielded twisted pairs, CCA, networking cable conductor diameter 0.5mm nominal,...

৳ 10,000
8 days ago
Safenet Cat-6 Blue 305 Meter Network Cable

Safenet Cat-6 network has 305 meter long length and blue color.