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Network Cable Buying in Bangladesh

A network is formed by multiple connections with different devices and the cable used to connect this network is called a LAN cable or Ethernet cable. These cables are also known as Internet cables or WiFi cables in Bangladesh. This ethernet cable is now found everywhere in Bangladesh. LAN cables or Ethernet cables are making the network of Bangladesh more powerful with different technologies and features. Currently BD has very low price of Ethernet cable or LAN cable.

How many types of Ethernet cables are available in BD?

There are two types of Ethernet cables available in BD. These are:

    • Cat cable
    • Fiber optic

What is the function of cat cable?

Cat cables are commonly used for internet network connections. Cat cables are also used for various networking connections. These are called RJ45 cables as they use RJ45 connectors for connection. The most popular cat cables in Bangladesh are:

    • Cat 5
    • Cat 6

Cat 5 cable:

Cat 5 cable provides bandwidth up to 100 MHz and has speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to a maximum of 100 Mbps. Cat 5 is suitable for carrying Ethernet signals. Not only this, this cable is also suitable for telephone connection. Cat 5 cable is mostly available in Bangladesh as UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable but some STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) cables are available in Bangladesh market which are better. Cat 5 cable in BD is much cheaper than Cat 6.

Cat 6 cable:

In connecting a network to multiple devices, this Cat 6 cable is used in hubs, routers, network switches and other devices. In many cases, this cable is also used for incoming or outgoing LAN connections to computers, printers, scanners, and patch panels. It is a 4 twisted pair coated copper wire that can support data transfer rates up to 1 gigabit. Its high bandwidth helps transfer large files quickly over an office network.

How does fiber optic cable work?

One of the mediums of information exchange in Bangladesh today is fiber optic cable. It transmits information using optical fiber light instead of ordinary cables. A fiber optic is made up of many optical fibers. Basically, optical fiber refers to very thin fibers of plastic or glass. Typically an optical wave can consist of anywhere from two to hundreds of fibers. Each of its fibers is thinner than a human hair. It can transmit thousands of telephone calls. Through this light-based technology, information is transferred between a sender and a receiver, thereby facilitating communication. Optical cables are basically composed of two different parts. This wire has a core through which light travels. This part is in the middle. Its core is surrounded by a glass cover, which does not allow light or signal to escape from the core.

What is the cost of Ethernet cable in BD?

Ethernet cable prices in BD start at just Tk. 12 per meter. It is an optic fiber cable. It has 4 cores. There are also different types of Ethernet cables in Bangladesh. Basically, the price of Ethernet cable depends on its brand, technology, type, speed and how many meters.

Why is aluminum cable used in Ethernet or LAN cable?

Data transmission is faster due to the use of aluminum wire in Ethernet or LAN cables. Aluminum cable has a special role to perform data transmission at high speed. Also aluminum wire is very cost effective for networking. Aluminum is currently widely used in Ethernet or LAN cables in Bangladesh.

Is Aluminum or Copper Ethernet Cable Better?

Copper Ethernet cable is better than aluminum because it is easier to install and because it is a good conductor of electricity, data transfer is much more secure. However, its price will be slightly higher than aluminum.
What is a patch cord?

A patch cord or patch cable is an electrical or optical cable used to connect one electronic or optical device to another electronic or optical device. Its length is 3 to 5 meters. This is especially common in broadband and LAN lines. Patch cord prices in BD are affordable.

How many LAN cables are in a box?

LAN cables for commercial or high volume applications are usually sold per box in Bangladesh and each box has between 300-305 meters of cable depending on the brand. Internet service providers in Bangladesh use this cable more, so if you buy it as a box, the price of WiFi cable will be much lower.