Cat-6 Cable Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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Cat-6 or Category-6 cable is a twisted pair networking cable. These cables are used for the transmission of internet and networking frequencies. Cat-6 cable provides a relatively higher transmission speed and therefore Cat-6 cable is used the most in Bangladesh.

Where is the Cat-6 cable used?

Cat-6 cable is used with all types of networking devices, including computers, network switches, and servers. In Bangladesh, Cat-6 cables are commonly used for Wi-Fi and LAN network connections. Also, the use of Cat-6 cable is seen with CCTV cameras.

Why should Cat-6 cable be used?

The comparative specifications of the Cat-6 cable are discussed in detail:

High speed: Cat-6 cable is mainly popular in Bangladesh because of its speed. Cat-6 cable supports a maximum data transmission speed of 10 Gbps at a frequency of 250 MHz. And, Cat-6 cable can transmit data at 10 Gbps speed up to a distance of 120 to 180 feet.

Frequency: Cat-6 cable can transmit data at a frequency of 1 to 250 MHz. However, some Cat-6 cables can transmit at a frequency of 550 MHz.

Transmission Distances: Cat-6 cable can transmit frequencies up to a maximum distance of 328 feet. Supports 10 Gbps transmission speed up to a distance of 250 feet and the transmission speed decreases as the distance increases.

What to do before buying Cat-6 cable?

Before buying Cat-6 cable, there are a few things to keep in mind. Discussed in detail:

  • Measure the specific length and buy as per requirement. This is because the Cat-6 cable can't be connected like a normal cable if there is a shortage of cables in the setup with network devices.
  • Before buying Cat-6 cable, you must check the shield quality of the cable.
  • Cat-6 cable should be purchased considering the work requirements. Because different types of Cat-6 cables are available for indoor and outdoor use.

What is the cost of cat-6 cable in BD?

Cat-6 cables are available at different prices in BD depending on the quality. Currently, the price of a 305-meter Cat-6 cable in Bangladesh ranges from Tk 2,700 to Tk 28,000. However, Cat-6 cables can be procured as required. In that case, per meter cat-6 cable can be from 10 taka to 100 taka.