Webcam Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Webcam Buying in Bangladesh

A webcam is a camera that connects to a computer via a USB cable and can share video over the Internet. Webcams are very important in our modern life especially nowadays the use of webcams is seen in online classes, online meetings and video chatting. Laptops usually come with a webcam attached, so it is mainly used for PCs, so it is also called a PC camera in Bangladesh.

How much can be the price of webcam in Bangladesh?

Webcam prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 700 which can make HD video calls and receive audio up to a distance of about 16 feet. Good quality webcams have 4K resolution, zoom lens, group video conferencing facility and many more features. So choose the webcam depending on the need, budget and task.

What else should you know when buying a webcam?

Before buying the right webcam in Bangladesh, especially online, it is necessary to know the following details:

1. A webcam has a frame rate and its quality depends on it. A good quality webcam will have a frame rate of 30 frames per second. If the frame rate is lower than this, it will not be able to display the webcam image or video clearly. So you must check the frame rate of the webcam and the higher the better.

2. Camera quality is an important factor. It is better to buy a camera of 2 megapixels or more. Nowadays many good quality web cameras are available in Bangladesh which have night mode. This night mode keeps the image or video quality bright and vivid even at night. So it is best to buy a webcam with night mode feature.

3. The resolution of the webcam must be checked because if the resolution is good, the video will be seen clearly. The resolution of the webcam should be 720p or 1080p. However, if the budget is high, a 4K resolution web cam can be purchased.

4. Autofocus on webcams can easily bring objects into sharp focus, making people in front of the camera more visible. So it is necessary to see if there is an autofocus mode.

5. If the microphone quality is not good, nothing can be understood. If the audio cannot be heard well in an urgent online meeting or online class, it can lead to many problems. So it is very important to know the quality of the microphone.

6. The shape of the webcam is an important factor. Web cams are usually installed on the monitor, so if there is less space next to the monitor, then small webcams should be taken. Again, larger webcams are more useful for monitoring something. So the shape should be selected according to the work for which the webcam will be used.

7. Find out if modern video compression technology is available. It converts very large video files into very small size, requiring less internet bandwidth and less storage space. Advanced technology video compression web cams are available in Bangladesh.

8. Find out how much the field of view of the web cam is because the more it is, the more area will be seen. A larger field of view is a plus for group video calls.

9. Many webcams have software controls that allow it to be turned in different directions. This is also a good feature for group calls. These types of webcams are now available at very low prices in Bangladesh.

10. If the lens of the webcam is glass, it will display good quality images. However, cheaper webcams usually use plastic lenses.

Best Webcam Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best webcam list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best webcam list has been created based on the interest for webcam buyers of BD Stall.

Webcam Model Price in BD
Logitech Group Video Conference for Online Class ৳ 116,000
Z05 HD Webcam with Built-in Microphone ৳ 700
Full HD 1080P USB Webcam ৳ 950
Havit HV-HN22G 1080P Webcam ৳ 2,750
Full HD Webcam for PC ৳ 1,600
Logitech C310 5MP HD Webcam with Built-In Mic ৳ 2,500
Hikvision DS-U02 2MP Full HD Webcam ৳ 2,300
Logitech C920 Pro HD Webcam ৳ 11,300
Logitech StreamCam for HD Live Streaming ৳ 14,000
Full HD Web Camera ৳ 900