CNG Price in Bangladesh 2024

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CNG Buying in Bangladesh

CNG is basically a three-wheeler like an auto-rickshaw and is much smaller in size. This type of car is mainly designed to run on natural gas. As a result, fuel consumption is lower than that of conventional petrol or diesel vehicles. Moreover, CNG has gained great popularity in Bangladesh as an Eco-friendly, fuel-efficient and safe vehicle for personal or family transportation.

Things to consider before buying CNG

  • Engine: CNG is usually powered by a 175cc to 210cc displacement engine. A power output of 6.7 kW to 8.1 kW is available using an engine of this capacity. The high capacity CNG engine delivers good performance and acceleration. CNG with 175cc engine is suitable for driving in city area. But if you want to drive outside the city then CNG with 210cc or more cc engine is better. So, engine must be checked while buying CNG.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: Another important thing to consider when buying CNG is to check the fuel tank capacity. Because fuel tank capacity basically gives an idea about refueling frequency. CNG is supplied by a minimum 8 liter fuel tank or cylinder. Moreover, using CNG with higher fuel tank capacity does not require more stops for refueling.
  • Braking system: Checking the braking system of CNG is very important for safety. Moreover, the most reliable braking system for this type of vehicle is the drum brake. Also, check that the brakes provide adequate stopping power while transporting passengers.
  • Battery: A battery of 12 volt and 32 Ah power capacity is suitable for this type of vehicle. Moreover, with regular maintenance this type of battery provides reliable electric power on CNG. So, it is better to check the battery while buying CNG.
  • RPM: CNG usually delivers from 3500 RPM to a maximum of 5,000 RPM. CNG with a higher RPM engine generally provides higher performance, which will overall give you a better driving experience.
  • Fuel System: Currently, some CNG can use petrol as fuel in addition to gas. This type of fuel system is more convenient to run with CNG. Hence, it is best to check the CNG fuel system as per your needs.

CNG price in Bangladesh

CNG price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 88,000 which is available in used condition. Moreover, CNG price usually varies depending on factors like whether it is second hand CNG or new CNG. If you buy new CNG then you need to have separate license but second hand CNG usually comes with a license for a specific area. For example for public transport in metropolitan area one need to get a license for metropolitan area and usually Metro CNG price in Bangladesh is much higher than other areas of the country. Keep in mind that, private CNG does not require area based license.

Best CNG Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best cng list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best cng list has been created based on the interest for cng buyers of BD Stall.

CNG Model Price in BD
Runner CNG ৳ 578,000
Runner CNG 2020 ৳ 450,000
Bajaj CNG 2021 ৳ 480,000
TVS King 210cc ৳ 152,000
Bajaj CNG 175cc ৳ 88,000
Bajaj CNG 2021 ৳ 420,000
Bajaj CNG 2014 ৳ 450,000
Bajaj CNG 2020 ৳ 480,000
TVS CNG ৳ 440,000