Gym Equipment

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৳ 699
22 days ago
Fitness Body Trimmer

Great for home-based strength training, high elastic design improves blood circulation, reduce weight, suitable for...

৳ 750
29 days ago
Two Piece Dumbbell Set

Solid made cast iron, 2.5 x 4 = 10Kg weight plate support, silver color dumbbell stick, smooth edges, ideal for...

৳ 720
15 days ago
Push Up Stand

High quality and very strong handle so it will last long, this fitness stand will keep fat free / neat / and healthy,...

৳ 599
15 days ago
Foot Chest Body Trimmer

Portable and easily fit into your arm / chest and abdomen, foam handle and non slip pedal, NBR foam material, TPR high...

৳ 850
8 days ago
Super K Power Twister

It is a device designed to enhance exercise performance by twisting it, high durability strong and sturdy, can be used...

৳ 880
15 days ago
Abdomen Body Fitness Wheel

This fitness tool can help increase your abdominal strength, comfortable and very strong, long lasting handle made by...

৳ 650
3 days ago
Fitness Tension Rope

Highly elastic body for slimming and strengthening, portable and easy to use, great resistance or durability, foam...

৳ 699
10 hours ago
Revoflex Xtreme Roller

Revoflex xtreme roller complete body workout machine.

৳ 950
7 days ago
Adjustable Self-Suction Sit Up Bar

The structure is made of steel, tough and durable, you can use it to hold all kinds of smooth surfaces, build muscle,...

৳ 600
19 hours ago
Royal Posture Back Support Brace

Amazing back support to align your spine, relieve pain by supporting your neck / spine and your lower back, extremely...

৳ 800
19 hours ago
5 Spring Chest Pull

Strong and cozy streamlining design, great tightness, made by high-quality rubber plastic / stainless carbon spring...

৳ 890
3 months ago
Go Fit Pilates Professional-Grade Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Go fit pilates professional-grade yoga mat has full ½ inch thick with closed cell air pockets, ribbed surface,...

৳ 40,000
4 months ago
Daily Youth KL901 Hydraulic Folding Treadmill

LCD display with the blue background, DC 2.0 HP DC motor, 1.0-14 Km/h speed range, two-level manual incline range, high...

৳ 45,500
4 months ago
OMA 5310CA Foldable Motorized Treadmill

handlebar with I-pad holder, 2.0 HP DC motor, 1-16km/h speed range, 5" LCD blue screen, 0-12% motor incline, easily...

৳ 54,500
4 months ago
Daily Youth KL903S Foldable Motorized Treadmill

Hydraulic folding with lock device, LCD display with the blue background, DC 2.5 HP DC motor, 1.0-16 Km/h speed range,...

৳ 220,000
4 months ago
Gymost Freelander Curve Treadmill

Curved design so as fast as you reach top of the curve you will get the high speed, energy saving so it will use less...

৳ 44,000
4 months ago
Runow RN-1220 Handlebar Motorized Treadmill

Speed / distance / time / calorie / pulse-heart rate function, 5 inch LED display monitor, 3 HP DC peak motor, 1-18Km/h...

৳ 32,500
4 months ago
Starlet OMA-1394CB LCD Screen Motorized Treadmill

Steel / plastic and electrical material, 1-13Km/h speed, 2 level manual incline, 11 x 8cm LCD window screen, 1200 x...

৳ 29,500
4 months ago
OMA 5100CB Fitness Motorized Treadmill

LED display, speed / distance / time / calorie / pulse-heart rate function, hi-impact absorption point cushion each...

৳ 1,050
4 months ago
Gym Ball

Exercise ball is large and you can use to strengthen and stretch your body and muscles thus improving core stability...

Top Gym Equipment Price List in Bangladesh

Best Gym Equipment List in August, 2020 Latest Price
Fitness Body Trimmer ৳ 699
Fitness Tension Rope ৳ 650
Two Piece Dumbbell Set ৳ 750
Adjustable Self-Suction Sit Up Bar ৳ 950
Royal Posture Back Support Brace ৳ 620
Revoflex Xtreme Roller ৳ 699
Super K Power Twister ৳ 850
Push Up Stand ৳ 720
Abdomen Body Fitness Wheel ৳ 880
5 Spring Chest Pull ৳ 880