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Gym Equipment Buying in Bangladesh

Good health is an important need in personal life. Regular exercise is important to keep the body healthy. Some equipment plays a very useful role in exercising. And these equipment are called gym equipment. Different types of gym equipment are available in Bangladesh.

What gym equipment is available in Bangladesh?

Different types of gym equipment are available in Bangladesh. These gym equipment have many other benefits besides increasing the muscle mass of the human body. Below are the names of some gym equipment available in Bangladesh:

  • Dumbbells
  • Floor mats
  • Hand grip
  • Sit up bar
  • Tummy trimmer
  • Push up bar
  • Chest pull
  • Plants
  • Body Fitness Wheel
  • Arm Developer
  • Bicycle
  • Treadmill

What benefits do gym equipment have on the human body?

Different types of gym equipment provide different benefits to the human body. Each of these tools is used for different purposes. The benefits of these are detailed below:

Dumbbells: Dumbbells alone have several benefits for the human body. Dumbbells of different sizes and weights are used for proper muscle building. Used for biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest pumps. Dumbbells of different weights and sizes are available in Bangladesh.

Floor Mats: Floor mats play a very important role as gym equipment. This floor mat should be used individually. Because you have to do various exercises while lying down, the body sweats. If multiple people use a floor mat, sweat from one person's body can spread various diseases. Belly, push ups, Thai and other exercises that require lying down can be done on the floor mat.

Hand Grip: Hand grip helps to increase wrist strength. Different sizes of hand grips are available in Bangladesh. The hand grip can be tightened and loosened as needed.

Sit Up Bar: The sit up bar is mainly used as a foot grip during pull ups, belly and Thai exercises. They are made with silicone and soft foam so the feet do not slip. Can be exercised with excellent grip.

Tummy Trimmer: Tummy trimmer reduces the fat in the triceps of the overweight and helps the slim ones to swell the triceps. However, tummy trimmers are mostly used for overweight people to lose weight.

Push Up Bar: The push up bar is mainly used as a handle during push ups. If it is not used, the hand cannot get a grip, and if the hand does not get a grip, the hand slips on the ground and is likely to hurt. Since all the weight of the body comes forward while doing push ups, it is very important to use a push up bar. Another advantage of using a push-up bar is that it keeps the body at the right height from the ground, so that the pectoral muscles swell properly.

Chest Pulls: Chest pulls are the most popular piece of gym equipment. Because with the help of chest pool, excess fat in the chest or other parts of the chest is reduced and the chest and shoulder bones are wide.

Ropes: There are many differences between regular ropes and gym ropes even though they look almost the same. Gym ropes are thick in shape. This rope is used to cut the inertia of both arms. Gym ropes are especially common among various athletes.

Body Fitness Wheel: Body fitness wheel looks a lot like a dumbbell. However, even if there are two round heavy objects on both sides like dumbbells, they are wheels in the body fitness wheel. Dolphin push ups with body fitness wheels widen the shoulders and back and swell the muscles.

Arm Developers: Arm developers are used to strengthen the arms and widen the arms.

Bicycle: Among the gym equipment, bicycle is especially useful for both men and women. But these bicycles are not like ordinary bicycles. Gym bicycles stand in a fixed place. This bicycle can be pedaled to reduce stomach, waist and bottom belly fat. Also, these bikes play a better role in building leg muscles than other gym equipment. Gym bicycles are available in both electronic and conventional features.

Treadmill: Treadmill is used to lose excess body fat and weight. It is very easy to run and is especially effective for weight loss.

What is the price of gym equipment in Bangladesh?

Gym equipment in Bangladesh starts from Tk 289 to Tk 20,000. Different types of gym equipment have different weights and sizes as they are used for different purposes. Electric gym equipment is a bit more expensive but comes with a lot of benefits. And gym equipment that requires no electrical connection is very cheap. Basically the price of gym equipment in Bangladesh depends on the size, weight, type of work and various features.