Graphics Card Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Graphics Card Buying in Bangladesh

Graphics card is an essential device of PC. Many motherboards have integrated graphics cards that do not need to be purchased separately. However, they can be used for normal work. But professional work such as graphics designing, video editing, gaming requires advanced technology cards. These are also called in BD GPU, Video Card, and Gaming Graphics Cards. All graphics or video work can be done perfectly with the help of this graphics card or GPU.

How much is the price of graphics card in Bangladesh?

Many models of graphics cards are available in Bangladesh. Their prices range from Taka 2,900 to Taka 1 lakh. The price of 1GB graphics card in BD is around 3,000 Taka and these are of good quality. The 2GB graphics card in BD costs at least Tk 4,500 and can be used for everything including playing games. 4GB graphics card will start from 6,000 Taka in BD. If one wants to do professional graphics work, the money will be more and the more expensive the graphics card the better.

Some tips must be known before buying a graphics card:

There are different quality graphics cards available in Bangladesh so before buying there are some important things to consider like:

1. Before buying a graphics card, the first thing to consider is the compatibility of the PC. Graphics card should be selected according to PC compatibility. For example, the graphics card should be purchased after checking the compatibility of the graphics slot of the PC, the refresh rate of the monitor and the compatibility of the power supplier. Especially in the case of old PCs in Bangladesh, you should look carefully and buy them.
2. Today's graphics cards are slightly larger in size due to various new technologies. The graphics card is basically installed inside the casing of the PC. So it is necessary to buy the graphics card according to the specifications of the casing so that it fits properly.
3. All modern graphics cards now have good quality cooling systems. The graphics card's cooling system keeps the PC's temperature under control. The graphics card cooling system even controls the temperature of the graphics card slot. If you're doing gaming or creating animations, graphics systems with integrated cooling systems are better. And since the climate of Bangladesh is a bit hot, it is important to have a good cooling system.

4. Graphics RAM is an important factor in selecting a graphics card. The higher the graphics RAM, the better the performance of the graphics card. The speed of the graphics card will depend on its graphics RAM.
5. Graphics card bandwidth technology is DDR so the more modern the better. These are called GDDR. This GDDR bandwidth plays an important role in increasing data transfer between graphics card cores. GDDR-3, GDDR-4, GDDR-5 cards are available in Bangladesh market. You can buy based on your budget and needs.

6. The main function of the shader core is image rendering, so more shader cores will increase the image processing power. As the image processing power increases, the images will appear more clear. This is an important technique for graphic designers. Shader core must be checked before buying graphics card.

7. The main function of a transistor is to reduce noise. This transistor technology reduces any noise emitted by the graphics card fan or card while using the PC. So you should buy graphics cards with transistors.
8. Graphics card chipsets are mainly of two brands. One is Nvidia and the other is AMD. Cards with these two chipsets are available under different brand names in Bangladesh. You can buy any one according to your needs but check if the motherboard supports it.

9. Match the graphics slot of the motherboard to see if it supports it. Today's motherboards have PCI Express slots. There are 3 versions of this slot but if you buy PCI Express 3.0 which is the latest version it will support the previous version as well.

10. If you want to buy low budget but good quality card then you can buy used graphics card. In Bangladesh, you will get a good quality card.