Attendance & Access Control

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৳ 7,500
7 hours ago
Timmy TM52 GPRS Biometric Access Control Machine

Fingerprint / password / card identification, 2.8 TFT color LCD display, 5000 fingerprint capacity, standalone or...

৳ 7,500
7 hours ago
Timmy TM60 Fingerprint Time Attendance Access Controller

Color LCD display, 5000 users capacity, 200000 transaction storage, keep data for 3 Years without current, TCP / IP ...

৳ 8,200
7 hours ago
ZKTeco F18 Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Device

ZKTeco F18 biometric fingerprint access control device has 3000 fingerprint capacity, 30000 transaction capacity,...

৳ 7,500
7 hours ago
Timmy TM52 GPRS Fingerprint Scanner Biometric Time Recording

Fingerprint / password / card identification, 5000 fingerprint capacity, TCP / IP, RS485 / USB line / USB pen driver...

৳ 24,000
7 hours ago
Nitgen eNBioAccess-T2 Time Attendance Access Controller

Nitgen eNBioAccess-T2 time attendance access controller has fingerprint recognition and card reading system, mobile key...

৳ 63,000
7 hours ago
Nitgen eNBioAccess-T9 Time Attendance Access Control

Nitgen eNBioAccess-T9 access control device has face detection and recognition, dual camera, FBI PIV certified sensor,...

৳ 29,500
2 days ago
Finger Pass KJ-3400 Auto Fingerprint RF Card Access Control

Finger Pass KJ- 3400 fingerprint access control device has 1.8" color TFT LCD display, finger print + card with display...

৳ 9,000
1 month ago
Realtime RS20 GPRS Fingerprint Access Controller

Realtime RS20 access control has GPRS / Wi-Fi / USB drive/link / TCP/IP communication, 2.4-inch color display, FP+card...

৳ 15,000
7 hours ago
ZKTeco SilkFP-101TA Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal

ZKTeco SilkFP-101TA fingerprint time attendance terminal has access control reader fingerprint capacity 3,000, ID card...

৳ 8,500
8 days ago
Realtime T60 Finger Time Attendance

2.8-inch display, 5000 fingerprint user, 5000 card user, 5000 password user, 100000 attendance record, auto adapt...

৳ 12,000
7 hours ago
Hundure RAC-900 Access Control

Anti pass back for RAC-900, 90% memory full warning, able to connect external slave reader, duress card, duress code,...

৳ 20,500
7 hours ago
ZKTeco uFace800 Face Detection Time Attendance System

ZKTeco uFace800 multi biometric time attendance access control terminal has up to 1200 face templates support, 2000...

৳ 9,000
1 day ago
ZKTeco iClock9000-G SIM Card Fingerprint Attendance

Multiple verification method fingerprint / card / password combination, 6000 fingerprints, 6000 cards and 200000...

৳ 7,000
7 hours ago
ZKTeco SC405 Graphical UI Fingerprint Terminal

TFT LCD color screen display, 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm, doorbell, ZKAccess3.5 software,...

৳ 10,000
30 days ago
Anviz T5 Pro Biometric Fingerprint Device with RFID Access

Anviz T5 Pro biometric fingerprint with RFID access control device entry system has 1000 fingerprint user capacity,...

৳ 13,000
7 hours ago
Zkteco F22 Wi-Fi Biometric Time Attendance Access Control

Zkteco F22 bioometric time attendance access control has ultra thin elegant design, 3000 fingerprint capacity, 5000...

৳ 15,000
25 days ago
ZKTeco iClock 360 RFID Card Time Attendance Access Control

ZKTeco iClock 360 fingerprint time attendance access control system has 3.5-inch screen, TCP/IP / RS232/485 and USB...

৳ 24,000
1 month ago
Virdi AC-2100 Plus Fingerprint Time Attendance

Outdoor fingerprint recognition terminal, IP65 outdoor dust and waterproof, ingress protected enclosure, live finger...

৳ 30,500
1 month ago
Suprima Bio Entry Plus Fingerprint Multi-Controller Device

Suprima bio entry plus fingerprint access control device has multi-controller, max fingerprint user 1:1 5000, max...

৳ 70,000
7 hours ago
Virdi AC7000 Quality Face Finger RFID Access Control Device

Virdi AC-7000 high-quality access control system has face, finger and RFID access control reader, finger user 250000,...