Attendance & Access Control

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৳ 8,200
12 days ago
ZKTeco F18 Fingerprint Attendance

ZKTeco F18 biometric fingerprint access control device has 3000 fingerprint capacity, 30000 transaction capacity,...

৳ 5,200
12 days ago
ZKTeco K40 Fingerprint Time Attendance

ZKTeco K40 fingerprint reader time attendance system has 2.8 inch TFT screen, TCP/IP / USB communication, 1000...

৳ 12,990
13 days ago
Zkteco F22 Wi-Fi Biometric Time Attendance Access Control

Zkteco F22 bioometric time attendance access control has ultra thin elegant design, 3000 fingerprint capacity, 5000...

৳ 63,000
12 days ago
Nitgen eNBioAccess-T9 Time Attendance Access Control

Nitgen eNBioAccess-T9 access control device has face detection and recognition, dual camera, FBI PIV certified sensor,...

৳ 3,300
27 days ago
Realtime TD1D Fingerprint Access Controller

Fingerprint capacity 500, 500 card capacity, 500 PIN capacity, 12V DC operating voltage, optical fingerprint module,...

৳ 25,000
12 days ago
Nitgen eNBioAccess-T2 Time Attendance Access Controller

Nitgen eNBioAccess-T2 time attendance access controller has fingerprint recognition and card reading system, mobile key...

৳ 43,000
14 days ago
KJTECH KJ-3300 Fingerprint Reader Access Control System

KJTECH KJ-3300 time attendance access control system has multispectral imaging sensor, 2.8 inch color TFT LCD screen...

৳ 19,500
14 days ago
Granding F08 Biometrics 3000 Fingerprint Access Control

Granding F08 biometrics access control device has 3000 fingerprint capacity, log capacity 50000, built-in relay, 50...

৳ 13,700
1 month ago
Hundure RAC-960PE Standalone TCP/IP Access Control System

Hundure RAC-960PE standalone access control security system has 18000 cardholders and 18000 events capacity, slim and...

৳ 10,000
1 month ago
Zkteco F22 Wi-Fi Ultra Thin Fingerprint Time Attendance

Zkteco F22 wi-fi ultra thin fingerprint time attendance has 2.4-inch TFT color screen and touch keys, ultra thin...

৳ 24,000
1 month ago
Nitgen T2 Waterproof Time Attendance Access Control System

Nitgen T2 fingerprint reader time attendance access control system has bluetooth enabled terminal, mobile key service,...

৳ 23,500
12 days ago
Nitgen eNBioAccess-T3 Biometric Access Control

Dustproof and waterproof, 2.4" TFT color LCD display, password protection and card reading system, 500 DPI sensor...

৳ 23,000
11 days ago
ZKTeco uFace 302 Multi-Biometric T&A Access Control

High verification speed, Advanced and user-friendly UI, 4.3 inch touch screen, multi-languages support, 4000...

৳ 21,000
13 days ago
ZKTeco Iclock 880 Biometric TCP/IP Time Attendance System

ZKTeco Iclock 880 fingerprint time attendance system has 50000 fingerprint capacity, 800000 time attendance system...

৳ 9,800
12 days ago
Zkteco F22 Biometric Fingerprint Reader Access Control

2.4-inch TFT color screen and touch keys, 3000 fingerprint capacity, 5000 card capacity, 30000 transaction capacity,...

৳ 19,000
1 month ago
Hundure HTA-500PEF Fingerprint Reader Time Attendance System

Hundure HTA-500PEF fingerprint reader time attendance system has 2.8 inch color LCD display, 1500 user capacity, 3000...

৳ 15,700
1 month ago
ZKTeco MB460 Face / Finger / Card / Password Time Attendance

ZKTeco MB-460 time attendance system is an innovative device with ZK advanced fingerprint and face recognition...

৳ 12,000
12 days ago
ZKTeco MB460 Face Detection Attendance Terminal

ZK advanced fingerprint and face recognition technologies, supports multiple verification methods including face /...

৳ 73,000
13 days ago
Suprema FaceStation 2 Time Attendance

Smart face recognition terminal, high-quality face image log, Infra-red based fake face blocking technology, 1.4GHz...

৳ 25,000
1 month ago
Granding FA1-H Facial Recognition Access Control System

Granding FA1-H facial recognition access control system, 4.3" TFT touch screen, elegant design, fashionable and simple...