Electromagnetic Lock

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৳ 1,000
30 days ago
YLI MBK-280ZL Magnetic Lock Bracket for Inward Door

Magnetic lock bracket for inward door, high strength aluminum.

৳ 8,000
26 days ago
Naffco BHMA A156 Handle UL Lock

Handle lock UL, stainless steel materials.

৳ 2,300
18 days ago
ZKTeco LM-2805 Electromagnetic Door Security Lock

Indicator lock, 280kg holding force, power-on to lock, DC12V/24V input working voltage, 1.9kg weight, 250 x 47 x 25.5...

৳ 2,200
1 month ago
ZKTeco LM-2805 Electromagnetic Door Lock

ZKTeco LM-2805 electromagnetic door has indicator lock, 280kg holding force, power-on to lock, DC12V/24V input working...

৳ 2,300
1 month ago
Vians 280 Megnetic Door Lock For Access Control

Vians 280 megnetic lock for access control has aluminum alloy case, double door magnetic lock, surface mounted,...

৳ 2,300
19 days ago
YLI YM-280 Single Electric Magnetic Door Lock

High strength material, 250 x 48.5 x 25 mm dimensions, 24VDC input voltage, 2.1 kg weight. Standard for glass door /...

৳ 2,000
1 month ago
Vians 280ZLC Electromagnetic Strong Lock

High strength aluminum, material, strong and beautiful design, 90-degree opening mode door, frameless glass door...

৳ 1,700
30 days ago
Couns CU-S280A High-Quality Electrical Door Lock

Lock size L340 x W40 x H21 mm, 600LBS holding force, DC12V voltage, 450mA, -10~55 temperature, wooden / glass / metal...

৳ 450
29 days ago
Vians Bracket U Electromagnetic Lock

High strength aluminum material, strong and beautiful design to facilitate installation, 130 x 28 x 41mm dimension,...

৳ 3,200
7 days ago
KKMoon GSM Gate Opener Relay Switch Control RTU5024

KKMoon RTU5024 GSM gate opener relay switch control has on / off switch by authorized phone free calls, 850 / 900 /...

৳ 500
1 month ago
ZKTeco Metallic Push Button Electrical Door Lock

Silver aluminum alloy shell, safe and durable, looks simple, comfortable and beautiful, undergoing 50000 times...

৳ 1,900
26 days ago
ZKTeco LM-2805 Magnetic Door Lock Indicator

280Kg holding force, DC12V/24V input working voltage, 1.9Kg weight, 250 x 47 x 25.5mm dimension.

৳ 7,500
7 days ago
Galo Electric Door Lock with Full Kit

Galo electric door lock with full kit has 2 remote + 10RFID + 3key + password protection and 1 door closer, 12V/350mA...

৳ 2,700
23 days ago
Single Door Electromagnetic Lock YM-280 BLED

Glass / wooden / fireproof / sliding and metal single electric door, 280Kg holding force, Inbuilt dry contacts lock...

৳ 2,100
30 days ago
YLI YM-280 LED Single Door Magnetic Lock

Single door electric lock for glass door / wooden door / fireproof door / sliding door and metal door, high strength...

৳ 600
1 month ago
U Bracket MBK-280 UL for Frameless Glass Door

Special aluminium for 280 Kg door with beautiful design, suitable with all kinds of doors.

৳ 750
1 month ago
Small Electric Lock Access Control System

Designed with open frame type and mount board, easy to install for electric door lock or other automatic door lock...

৳ 1,500
1 month ago
Vians VI-180A Electromagnetic Lock

Antioxidant capacity surface of magnetic lock, 180 Kg holding force, wooden / glass / metal and fireproof door...