Brand PC Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Brand PC Buying in Bangladesh

Many people in Bangladesh still use PCs for high quality hardware at affordable prices. It is natural that a branded PC will definitely be better than any conventional PC. Brand PC provides official guarantees and warranties to provide better customer service. Therefore, in terms of customer service, brand PC is more preferred by the people of Bangladesh. Consumers in Bangladesh buy brand PCs for the various benefits of brand PCs. Moreover, brand PCs are widely used for many office and serious tasks.

What is the price of brand PC in Bangladesh?

Brand PC in Bangladesh can be bought for as low as Tk 30,000 without a monitor and with a monitor can go up to around Tk 50,000. However, currently there are some used brand PCs available in Bangladesh which can be bought under Tk 10,000 with high quality hardware.

Things to know before buying a branded PC:

There are various brands of PCs available in Bangladesh. The most popular brands in Bangladesh are HP, Dell, Apple, Lenovo etc. Since brand PCs have all the accessories together, it is not possible to choose the right PC. But it is possible to get the right brand of PC according to the job if you keep in mind the suggestions given below. Below are the suggestions:

1. For those who do basic internet browsing, YouTube, Facebook, etc., a brand PC with a simple configuration will do well and will require less budget.

2. Many people want to do basic work as well as office work, they can buy a brand PC with a better quality processor. A good processor with 4GB of RAM and a 1TB HDD or 128GB SSD for storage is enough to do this kind of work. Any office work can be done very easily with all the brand PCs in this configuration.

3. Many people are doing freelancing in Bangladesh. Many of them work in various market places like graphics design, web design, video editing, digital marketing etc. They need a high quality brand PC. High quality processor, more RAM, dedicated graphics card, good monitor etc. are all powerful things.

4. Before buying a used brand PC one must check every part. Also know about guarantees and warranties.

5. Brand No matter what the brand of the PC is, it must be checked carefully how many ports are there on the CPU and whether all the ports are available for the user's work.

6. Many brand PCs come with keyboard, mouse. So, while buying a brand PC, it is important to know whether it has a keyboard and mouse.

7. Brand PCs have built-in sound speakers. So it is important to observe the quality of the speaker.