HP Desktop PC Price in Bangladesh

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Desktop PC is a type of personal computer that consists of an input unit, output unit, memory unit, and control unit. Desktop computer input and output units can be set up in a small space on any table. Nowadays HP desktop PC of relatively high configuration is available in Bangladesh at a low price, so these have become very popular among the people of Bangladesh.

How many types of HP Desktop PC are available in Bangladesh?

HP desktop PCs have relatively high-quality construction and attractive designs. Currently, HP desktop PCs are available in various configurations and sizes to suit work needs.

HP Mini PC: Mini PC is smaller than a normal computer but capable of doing any task faster. Due to its small size, HP mini PCs can be easily carried anywhere, hence the mini PC is also called a portable PC. HP Mini PCs are more popular in Bangladesh because they are easily upgradeable. Also, mini PCs tend to be relatively power efficient.

HP Tower / Brand PC: HP brand or tower PCs are available in Bangladesh in Full ATX, Mid ATX, and Mini ATX sizes. Multiple hard disks can be used in HP brand PCs. HP Tower PCs are available in all kinds of configurations to fit any budget. Moreover, RAM, processor, storage, and graphics cards can be changed and replaced in HP Tower PCs as needed.

HP All-in-One PC: HP All-in-One PC is a monitor that contains all the computer hardware except the keyboard and mouse. All-in-one PCs generate relatively less heat, so programming, graphics design, and professional work can be done hassle-free.

HP Package Desktop PC: HP Package Desktop PC is basically a package of HP Brand / Tower PC, HP Monitor, HP Keyboard, and Mouse. HP branded business series desktops can be configured to suit daily work needs and can be updated in the future. However, most of the time HP package desktops are provided as per the requirements of specific organizations.

HP Gaming Desktops: HP gaming desktops are specially designed for gaming. HP gaming desktops use mini, micro, and nano size motherboards and various series of processors from Intel and AMD. Moreover, the CPU for gaming has a built-in special air cooling system or liquid cooling system.

What is the price of HP desktop in Bangladesh?

HP desktop price in BD depends on its type and configuration. Currently, HP desktop is available in Bangladesh in both new and used condition. HP desktop price in Bangladesh starts from a minimum of TK 11,800 to a maximum of TK 1,80,000 depending on the type, condition, configuration, and quality of the desktop. However, HP Mini PCs are available at relatively low prices. On the other hand, HP All-in-One PCs tend to be relatively expensive.