Hospital Bed

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৳ 3,500
5 days ago
IML Bed Type 2.5" Bubble Pad Medical Air Mattress

IML bed type medical air mattress has 2.5 inch bubble pad overlay, flame retardant ABS case material, 1–in–2...

৳ 3,400
3 days ago
Elite 7 Medical Air Mattress with Electric Pump

Elite 7 medical air mattress has been designed to protect and treat pressure ulcers in the home, long term medical,...

৳ 27,500
6 days ago
Hospital Bed 2 Crank Detachable ABS Head / Foot Board

Hospital bed has 2 crank, 2150 x 950 x 500 mm dimensions, detachable ABS head / foot board, cold rolled steel plate and...

৳ 3,200
3 days ago
Matlife Plus Medical Air Mattress with Pump

Matlife plus medical air mattress with pump has flame retardant ABS case material, AC 230V 50/60Hz voltage, 23.7 x 11.2...

৳ 32,000
27 days ago
Hospital Bed 2 Manual Crank Aluminum Alloy 5" Castor YKB003

Medical bed YKB003 has 2 manual crank, detachable ABS head and foot board, collapsed type aluminum alloy 4-stuff...

৳ 110,000
1 month ago
Hospital ICU Bed Advanced Medical Motor Four Fold KY404D

Hospital ICU bed has advanced medical motor system, central controlled castor brake system, four fold P.P guardrails,...

৳ 19,900
1 month ago
Hospital Bed Safety Railing Back Rest Lifting OX-103A+

Hospital Bed OX-103A+ has 78 inch length, 22 inch hight, 36 inch wide in size, both side safety railing, 1.2 mm full...

৳ 28,500
1 month ago
Hospital Bed Back / Knee Rest Lifting Scratching Resistant

Hospital bed has 0-80 degree back rest lifting angle, 0-40 degree knee rest lifting angle, chipping and scratching...

৳ 15,000
1 month ago
Medical Bed Folding Back Rest Lifting HF-103

Medical bed HF-103 has back rest lifting function up to 80° angle, 78 inch length, 22 inch hight, 36 inch wide, 1 side...

৳ 29,000
1 month ago
2 Crank Hospital Bed Back and Knee Rest Lifting YKB003-12

2 Crank hospital bed ykb003-12 has back and knee rest lifting function, up to 80° angle back rest lifting, up to 40°...