Terms And Conditions

Last updated: January 15, 2024

These terms and conditions govern the use of the website. By using this site, you indicate that you have read and understand these terms and conditions below and that you agree to abide by them at all times.


Herein “we” or "our website" or "website" refers to

"You" or “visitor” here refers to the person visiting the website

Intellectual Property

All content published on the website is the property of the website owner. This includes but is not limited to text, images, logos, documents, downloadable files and anything else that contributes to the composition of the website.

User Information

By posting on our website, you agree not to violate these terms and applicable laws of Bangladesh. When you post any information you agree to the following.

a) Authenticity of data

1. You provide accurate information.

2. is not responsible for any information you provide or anything you post.

3. You shall not post anything that goes against the norms of society and harmful things that violate the law.

b) Data privacy

1. We may ask for your email and mobile number and share it with other users or visitors.

2. We may display your personal information online as part of our promotion.

3. or any visitor or any user may contact you through any communication method based on the contact information you provide.

4. We will endeavor to protect your data to the best of its ability but shall not be responsible for any data breach. In this case, you must agree to follow our Privacy Policy which can be read at

5. We may delete or hide your data at any time without any notice as part of the business policy.

6. Your personal or company or stall data that you provide sometime cached by other websites and we are not responsible for this.


When buying products from you must aware and agree on the following terms-

1. We are not responsible in any cases for any product that are purchased from our sellers.

2. The products that are purchased from us may not have warranty and warranty will not be applicable if not specified clearly.

3. Any damage of the products will be estimated by us and our decision will be final and this is only applicable for the products sold by us.

4. Return policy will be per seller basis and no single return policy is applicable. We are not responsible for the return policy for the products that are sold by our sellers.


When selling products you must agree on the following terms-

1. Only legal products are allowed and should follow the Bangladeshi law.

2. has the right to suspend your selling account or your products at any time for any violation or if the company things that it's best for our business.

3. We may increase or decrease of any selling charges at any time and no objection should be made for this or should not be acceptable.

4. has the sole authority how your products are displayed.

5. The contents of your products may be edited by us for better outcome.

6. Any downtime or maintenance time of our website less than 48 hours will not be considered and no demurrage will be paid.

7. We may merge the multiple sellers in a single page for the same product and no objection is acceptable in this case.

Limitation of Liability

The owners of, its agents, employees, affiliates, subsidiaries shall not be liable for any actions, claims, damages, losses and expenses arising out of your use of the website and shall not owe any legal fees.

Applicable Law

Any relevant terms, policies and notices shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Bangladesh without giving effect to any principles of conflict of laws. You hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court of Bangladesh in any dispute arising out of or related to the Website, or the relevant terms, policies and notices.

Dispute Resolution

In any exception, if is unable to resolve any dispute through informal negotiation, you and may agree to submit the matter to a mediator and, failing mediation, to an arbitrator. The decision of the arbitrator is final and binding. Any mediator and arbitrator must be impartial and acceptable to and you. The cost of mediation and arbitration shall be paid 100% by you. shall not be liable for costs incurred in any mediation process or arbitration process.

Clause in Conflict with Law

If at any time any applicable provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be inconsistent or illegal under law, those provisions shall be deemed null and void and removed from these Terms. All other provisions shall not be affected by the removal and the remaining terms shall be deemed valid.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

The Terms may be amended from time to time to maintain compliance with the law. We will notify users by posting updated terms and the date of update will be noted at the top of this document. So you are also advised to visit this Terms and Conditions page from time to time.