Insulation Tester

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৳ 16,500
1 month ago
Hioki 3452-13 Live Line Check Electronic Insulation Tester

Hioki 3452-13 electronic insulation tester has lumious scales to use in dark conditions, live line check, low battery...

৳ 58,500
1 month ago
Kyoritsu 3125 Wide Range Large LCD Digital Insulation Tester

Kyoritsu 3125 digital insulation tester has wide range measurements from 500V to 5000V and up to 1000GΩ, large digital...

৳ 19,500
4 months ago
Hioki IR-4056 Digital Insulation Resistance 5-Range Tester

Hioki IR-4056 digital insulation resistance tester has 5-range testing, 50 to 1000V insulation tester, built-in rugged...

৳ 62,500
5 months ago
Kyoritsu 3125A High Voltage Insulation Testing Device

Kyoritsu 3125A high voltage insulation tester has wide range insulation tester measurements 500V to 5000V and up to...

৳ 22,500
5 months ago
Kyoritsu 3005A Digital Insulation Continuity Tester

Kyoritsu 3005A digital insulation continuity tester has insulation resistance, test voltage 250V/500V/1000V, measuring...