Solar Panel Price in Bangladesh

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What is a solar panel system?

Solar panels can basically generate renewable electricity from direct sunlight. The electricity that we can use directly to run an electronics device or store it in a battery and use it later.

How do solar panels work?

The main component of a solar panel is the solar cell, which can generate electricity from sunlight. Another name for solar cell is photovoltaic. Note that photo means light and voltaic means electricity. Solar cells are usually made of a type of semiconductor metal such as germanium, silicon, carbon silicon carbide, etc. When solar cells made by these are exposed to sunlight, photovoltaic light energy absorbs photons from that light. As a result, some volts are generated there and when many such cells are combined, all of them together can generate much more volts and thus solar panels generate electricity through solar cells.

How much power do solar panels need?

There are solar panels of different capacities and sizes that you can purchase according to your needs. But the problem is when we don't know how much we need, then let's not do a simple calculation. Suppose a person runs two lights and a fan with a solar panel. Suppose the power of the two lights is 10 watts to 20 watts and the power of the fan is 20 watts then the total requirement is 40 watts. If we want to run for 6 hours every day, then the total requirement is 40 * 6 = 240 watts. This will require a battery of 240/12 = 20 amperes or 12 volts. The charging current of lead acid battery in solar panel is 10%. Then the charging current of 20 ampere battery will be 20 * 10/100 = 2 ampere and 2 ampere solar panel will be required to produce 2 ampere current. Therefore, if this person installs 24 watt solar panel, he will be able to meet his electricity demand. This way you can buy solar panels by calculating your needs.

What is the price of solar panel?

A solar panel price in Bangladesh is around Taka 8,000 which can give power output up to 300 watt. The price of the panel usually depends on the total strength, the quality of the panel and its ability to withstand natural disasters.