POS Machine Price in Bangladesh 2024

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POS Machine Buying in Bangladesh

Among all the technological developments in recent times, the invention of POS machines has been praised for facilitating business transactions starting from the common consumer to the merchants. A POS machine is essentially a modern machine for storing information including the price of goods sold at the point of sale or business. Moreover, a POS machine is a hardware system for processing card payments without cash transactions from retail locations. Currently, POS machines are widely used in shopping malls, hotels, cinema halls, various businesses or vehicle ticket counters. The use of POS machines has improved the quality of life by providing information on all transactions, especially those related to a particular period of shopping or travel. Currently there are POS machines of brands such as Epson, ZKTeco, I-Machine, Sunmi and Royal etc. in Bangladesh.

How many types of POS machine available in Bangladesh?

Nowadays, almost everyone is using debit or credit cards, so the rate of cash transactions has reduced to a great extent. Hence the use of POS machines is increasing rapidly nowadays. However, POS machines vary by business medium. At present, there are mainly four types of POS machines available in Bangladesh.

POS Printers: POS printer is used primarily by employees employed in retail businesses to collect card payments from customers. Later the customer is issued a receipt for the cost through POS printer. These types of printers are light in weight and easily portable. So POS printer can also be called a hand-held device. Moreover, such printers are of various types including portable inkjet, thermal and dot matrix printers. In most cases, POS printer machines are used in restaurants.

POS Terminal: POS terminal consists of a touch screen with icons for cashiers or customers to select transacted products. Moreover, the points of sale have a register for calculating the quantity and price of goods purchased, a cash drawer for storing money and coins. The terminal also has a card reader for swiping cards, taps or inserting chips, and a bar code scanner for convenience. Moreover, POS terminal is used to facilitate the transfer of money between the customer and the merchant for making purchases remotely or online.

Android Handheld POS Machine: Android POS Machine is a POS machine built on an Android operating system that is easily portable. It is built with a self-monitoring interface and a large screen similar to a smartphone. Several apps can be run with this type of POS machine, so there is no need for a separate phone to run delivery or payment apps. Android POS machine is capable of connecting to various devices, including receipt printers, barcode scanners, customer on-screen displays, credit card payment terminals, and a cash drawer.

All-in-One Touch Screen POS Machine: All in One Touch Screen POS Machine is a faster and easier way to store customer or employee purchase information, customer's own information or sales information than normal POS machines. Currently, an all-in-one POS touchscreen machine is in demand in BD. This type of POS machine can be used at any seller's point. Moreover, all-in-one POS machine is available in both hardware and software. These types of POS machines have touch monitors of different sizes. But an all-in-one POS machine with a 15-inch monitor would be good for retail and restaurants.

What to do before buying a POS machine?

POS machines play a very important and helpful role in storing information for the sake of ease of calculation, business dynamism and security. So before buying a POS machine, you should check some things yourself and buy a POS according to your needs. Things that must be checked while buying a POS machine.

  • One should have a good understanding of the business sector and whether the POS machine will be of sufficient use to the business.
  • You should have a good idea about whether the POS machine that you want to buy has system software that is relevant to your business.
  • Moreover, select the fastest and most reliable POS machine according to the scope of work.
  • Find out more about whether POS machines can be upgraded as business grows.

What is the price of POS machine in Bangladesh?

POS machine price in Bangladesh starts from TK 7,000 to TK 10,000 depending on the type, software system, hardware, touch or non-touch and monitor size. However, POS machines with fast reading of debit and credit cards, fast data storage, and touch facility are available in the price range of TK 21,000 to TK 25,000. Moreover, the price of POS terminals starts from TK 50,000 to TK 60,000.

Best POS Machine Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best pos machine list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best pos machine list has been created based on the interest for pos machine buyers of BD Stall.

POS Machine Model Price in BD
I-Machine A1 Windows with Pos Printer and 2nd Display ৳ 53,000
DMax S-589P Dual Screen Touch POS Terminal ৳ 55,000
ZKTeco ZK1510 All in One Biometric Smart POS Terminal ৳ 30,000
Posjun RS609P Core i3 Dual-Screen POS Machine ৳ 60,000
Sunmi T2s Desktop POS Terminal ৳ 56,500