Barrier Gate

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৳ 135,000
29 days ago
Parking Barrier PB-1030 Automated Traffic Management System

Parking barrier PB-1030 automated traffic management system has 4M lane width, upto 4.8M with telescopic boom, opening...

৳ 90,000
1 day ago
ZKTeco TS2011S Biometric Turnstile Gate with Controller RFID

ZKTeco TS2011s tripod turnstile gate has biometric security, smooth and silent operation, reducing power consumption,...

৳ 50,000
9 hours ago
Hydraulic Automatic Retractable Bollards for Parking

Stop unauthorized vehicle intrusion, effective solution to vehicle attack, additional manual hand pumps facility,...

৳ 105,000
10 days ago
ZKTeco PB1000 Number Plate Recognition Parking Barrier

ZKTeco PB1000 parking barrier has long distance reader and number plate recognition system, prevents entry of...

৳ 120,000
1 day ago
ZKTeco TS2022 Fingerprint Tripod Turnstile with Controller

60 watt rated power, 30000 card capacity, 3000 fingerprint capacity, 100000 event capacity, 25-48 passage / minute flow...

৳ 85,000
4 days ago
RIB Traffic Management System Rapid Parking Barrier

RIB automatic traffic management system rapid parking barrier has 3m maximum boom length , round / rectangular boom,...

৳ 95,000
29 days ago
Biometric Tripod Turnstile Gate WQH-TS03 Stainless Steel

Biometric barrier gate has premium stainless steel, 1.5mm thickness, access restricted by ID / IC / barcode /...

৳ 79,000
29 days ago
Varito WQH-DRYL Folding Alarm Automatic Barrier Gate

Varito WQH-DRYL folding alarm automatic barrier gate has 1.8 mm cold rolled steel plate material, aluminum alloy,...

৳ 68,000
29 days ago
Varito WQH-DRYL Non Folding Automatic Barrier Gate

Varito WQH-DRYL non folding automatic barrier gate has 1.8 mm cold rolled steel plate, aluminum alloy, straight arm /...

৳ 175,000
1 month ago
ZKTeco ZK-FBL2022 Flap Barrier Turnstile Access Control

ZKTeco ZK-FBL2022 flap barrier turnstile access control system has SUS304 stainless steel casework to ensure...