Barrier Gate

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৳ 120,000
14 hours ago
Car Parking Security Barrier Gate NLS 90 MAG BR630

Car parking barrier gate BR630 has NLS technology, bluespeed motor, 90 MAG folding arm access control system, 4-meter...

৳ 99,000
23 days ago
ZKTeco PB-1030 Automated Traffic Management System

Parking Barrier ZKTeco PB-1030 automated traffic management system has 4M lane width, up to 4.8m with telescopic boom,...

৳ 50,000
20 hours ago
Hydraulic Automatic Retractable Bollards for Parking

Stop unauthorized vehicle intrusion, effective solution to vehicle attack, additional manual hand pumps facility,...

৳ 389,000
9 days ago
Turnstile Automatic Self-Centering Arm Preventing Gate

Turnstile barrier gate has automatic self-centering feature, arm preventing, over traveling, electrically controlled...

৳ 110,000
5 days ago
Car Parking BR630 Quick Operation Security Barrier Gate

Car parking barrier gate BR630 has 3 seconds quick operation speed, bluespeed motor, 90 MAG folding arm access control...

৳ 65,000
20 hours ago
Parking Barrier Gate Low Noise Duty Cycle Torque Motor A307B

Parking barrier gate A307B has torque motor, low noise duty cycle, steady, secure and convenient solution of stopping...

৳ 85,000
5 days ago
RIB Traffic Management System Rapid Parking Barrier

RIB automatic traffic management system rapid parking barrier has 3m maximum boom length , round / rectangular boom,...

৳ 105,000
13 days ago
ZKTeco PB1000 Number Plate Recognition Parking Barrier

ZKTeco PB1000 parking barrier has long distance reader and number plate recognition system, prevents entry of...

৳ 79,000
19 hours ago
Varito WQH-DRYL Folding Alarm Automatic Barrier Gate

Varito WQH-DRYL folding alarm automatic barrier gate has 1.8 mm cold rolled steel plate material, aluminum alloy,...

৳ 86,000
2 days ago
Anneal B6004s Car Parking Barrier Gate

Anneal-B6004s car parking barrier gate has Taiwan technology, quick operation, remote system access, low noise duty...