Barrier Gate | Car Parking Gate | Price in Bangladesh

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The rapid growth of urbanization and industrialization has greatly increased the need for efficient traffic control and safety systems in Bangladesh. And, barrier gate, also known as boom gate or parking gate, that is a helpful device for efficient traffic control and security measures. This type of gate is commonly used in parking lots, residential complexes, commercial buildings, toll booths, airports, and other areas for access control and proper traffic management. Currently, various type of parking barrier gate from ZKTeco and Chinese brand is available at affordable price in Bangladesh to ensure traffic control and safety in certain areas.

What is the specialty of the Barrier Gate?

Traffic Control: Barrier gate plays an important role in managing traffic flow and ensuring road safety. This type of gate is generally used at toll plazas, parking lots and restricted area entry/exit points to control vehicular movement.

Restricted Access Control: Parking gate acts as security systems to control access to private and restricted areas such as residential complexes, commercial buildings, government institutions, various establishments, and industrial areas. The use of such a gate helps in increasing overall security by preventing unauthorized entry.

Parking Management: Parking gate is suitable to effectively manage the entry and exit of vehicles. This type of gate usually helps to keep the parking space organized. Also helps prevent unauthorized parking and ensures smooth movement of vehicles.

Revenue Collection: Barrier gate is effective enough to collect fees from users at toll plazas and parking lots. Hence, using such gate helps to collect revenue properly without manual intervention.

Customization and Integration: Advanced systems like access control systems, ticket systems or license plate recognition systems, CCTV cameras, intercom systems, and remote control access can be customized and integrated with parking gate to enhance effective security.

Durability: Barrier gate or parking gate is usually made of various strong and durable materials including stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and wood. As a result, it can be used long-lasting and reliably in harsh climates including heavy rainfall, humidity, and extreme temperatures.

How much does the Barrier Gate cost?

Barrier gate price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on various factors including brand, model, features, barrier type, size, and country variant. Currently, the price of parking barrier gate in Bangladesh generally starts from Tk 49,000, which is manually operated and ideal for use in parking spaces. Also, parking gate with a long-range reader and number plate recognition technology is available in a budget of Tk 100,000 to Tk 500,000. Along with advanced access control systems and features, barrier gate price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 850,000.