Distance Meter

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৳ 5,500
9 hours ago
Laser Distance Meter Easy-To-Use Function 60m MS-60A

Laser distance meter MS-60A has up to 60 m measurement, easy-to-use addition and subtraction laser distance meter...

৳ 8,500
9 hours ago
Laser Distance Meter 100m Measurement MS-100A

Laser distance meter MS-100A has up to 100 m measurement, higher accuracy +/-1.5 mm, quick laser distance meter...

৳ 6,800
23 days ago
Laser Distance Meter 60m Measurement Dustproof MS-60A

Laser distance meter has up to 60 meter measurement, higher accuracy, quick distance meter calculations, easy-to-use...

৳ 5,500
1 day ago
Digital CP-100 1.6" LCD Display Laser Distance Meter

Digital CP-100 laser distance meter has 328 ft distance range, 1.6" LCD display, pythagoras function for remote...

৳ 1,550
1 day ago
Laser Rangefinder Ultrasonic Distance Measurer Meter CP-3010

Ultrasonic distance measurer meter has LCD display with backlight, transmits ultrasonic waves to a point you want to...

৳ 6,500
9 hours ago
Laser Distance Meter Higher Accuracy 80m MS-80A

Laser distance meter MS-80A has up to 80 m measurement, quick laser distance meter calculations, higher accuracy +/-1.5...

৳ 4,500
9 hours ago
Laser Distance Meter 40m Quick Calculation MS-40A

Laser distance meter MS-40A has up to 40 m measurement, full pythagoras laser distance meter function, min/ max...

৳ 2,500
1 day ago
Handheld CP-40P 40 Meter Digital IR Laser Range Finder Meter

Handheld CP-40P digital IR laser range finder meter has 40 meter measuring range, high accuracy, automatic calculation...

৳ 8,200
1 month ago
Anself 100 Meter Automatic Mini Digital Laser Distance Meter

Anself mini digital laser distance meter has high accuracy and wide measuring range up to 100 meter / 328 feet, quick...

৳ 7,500
5 months ago
Douself 80 Meter Quick Measurement Digital Distance Meter

Douself digital distance meter has high accuracy and wide measuring range up to 80 meter / 262 feet, quick measurement...