Fire Accessories

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৳ 350
20 hours ago
Fire Beater

Fire beater made in Bangladesh.

৳ 1,800
17 hours ago
Evacuation Mask 30 Minutes Smoke Protector

Protects from harmful particulates in the air that causes asthma and breathing problems, protects harmful gases and...

৳ 1,250
18 hours ago
High Quality Industrial Gumboot

Double density and double color gumboot providing the highest level of safety and comfort, oil / acid / chemical...

৳ 950
2 days ago
Industrial Waterproof Safety Gumboot

PVC outside + special material, waterproof, usable for construction / mining / oil industry / agriculture / gardening /...

৳ 29,000
20 hours ago
Self-Contained Smoke Fire Safety Breathing Apparatus

Self-contained breathging apparatus for smoke and fire safety.

৳ 22,500
20 hours ago
Special Protect High Quality Fire Proof Safety Suit

Special protect high quality fire proof safety suit.

৳ 6,500
20 hours ago
Surface Mounted Door Coordinator

Surface mounted door coordinator has stainless steel, fire protector capacity.

৳ 250
20 hours ago
Fire Safety Helmet

Fire and rescue helmet, ABS plastic material.

৳ 350
20 hours ago
Fire Hook

Fire hook and made in Bangladesh.

৳ 1,500
20 hours ago
Oraska Fire Synchronized Fog Light

Heavy-duty LED light, fog light firefly, 6 watt light output, 5 hours battery life,power on / off switch, 6 V battery.

৳ 800
20 hours ago
Fire Blanket

Fire blanket made in china.

৳ 4,000
20 hours ago
Naffco F8916BC Door Closer

Door closer with plastic cover, silver finish, stainless steel material, smooth moving.

৳ 128,000
20 hours ago
Premium Grade Hydraulic System Double Leaf Fire Rated Door

Double leaf fire rated door has premium grade basic material and advanced machines as per the international quality...

৳ 750
20 hours ago
Fire Escape Mask

40 min poison gas and smoke protection, hot radiation protecting, protect from carbon monoxide / hydrocyanic anid /...

৳ 800
20 hours ago
Emergency Exit

Emergency exit made in china.

৳ 15,000
20 hours ago
Fire Safety Equipment Emergency Box

Steel body, glass door 61" /42" /13", two slf, two-door with one lock, red color.

৳ 10,500
20 days ago
Fire Door Panic Bar

Fire door panic bar is ideal for fire safety door.

৳ 120,800
18 hours ago
Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet

Keep dangerous liquids safely organized and segregated, ensure safe evacuation time in the event of fire.

৳ 700
20 hours ago
Fire Gum Boot

Professional gum boot for fire safety, usable anywhere soft and comfortable and heavy durability.

৳ 650
20 hours ago
Fire Alarm Switch

Fire alarm switch pause with box.