Fire Accessories

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৳ 3,900,000
14 days ago
USGPM 750 Head 90M

Fire pump package USGPM 750 head 90M has UL listed and excellent service.

৳ 1,200
28 days ago
Full Head Gas Mask

Full head gas mask can be saved for around 40 minutes from toxic gas and residue in air during a fire emergency.

৳ 1,140
1 day ago
High Quality Industrial Gumboot

Double density and double color gumboot providing the highest level of safety and comfort, oil / acid / chemical...

৳ 600
9 hours ago
Break Glass Emergency Door Release

Green color break glass fire emergency exit release button suitable for exit door, emergence door, output contact.

৳ 350
1 day ago
Industrial Fire Safety Gumboot

Chemical / rain / oil construction area / industri for use, 39 / 40 / 41 / 42 / 43 size.

৳ 2,250
13 hours ago
Evacuation Mask 30 Minutes Smoke Protector

Protects from harmful particulates in the air that causes asthma and breathing problems, protects harmful gases and...

৳ 1,800
14 days ago
Fire Door Handle Lock 75mm

Steel lock, key, UL listed.

৳ 15,500
28 days ago
Fire Protected Safety Suit with Gloves / Helmet / Boot

Special protect high quality fire proof safety suit with standard size boot, hand gloves, helmet, jacket, reflect...

৳ 74,000
14 days ago
Single Leaf UL Listed Fire Door

Door size 3 x 7 feet, single leaf, UL listed.

৳ 1,200
28 days ago
High Temperature Resistance 6 X 6' Blanket

100% glass fabric, temperature resistance of 1800°F, tear-resistant, scratch-free, will not ignite, pliable and soft...

৳ 19,500
28 days ago
Context Plus FF380 Single Zone Fire Control Panel

Fully compliant with BS5839 part-4, robust metal lid, metal back box, four sounder circuits, head out fault, end of...

৳ 1,100
14 days ago
Asenware AW-CMC2166 Fire Alarm Bell

Manual push call point with indicator, easy install and sirens when manually push the button, runs in 220V AC power,...

৳ 2,500
28 days ago
Full Body Safety Belt

High quality full body safety belt.

৳ 4,000
14 days ago
Fire Door Push Bar

Use for opening fire door, UL listed.

৳ 120,770
1 day ago
Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet

Keep dangerous liquids safely organized and segregated, ensure safe evacuation time in the event of fire.

৳ 13,500
14 days ago
Fire Alarm Control Panel

4 zone fire conventional panel board.

৳ 152,000
2 months ago
ACICO Double Fire Door UL Listed 1500 x 2100 mm

> Door closer
> Door handle
> Door locks
> Vision panel
> Color is red

৳ 350
2 months ago
Fire Hand Gloves

Fire Hand Gloves: We, fervently hope that your kind honor will look into the matter and favor us with your valued...

৳ 1,200
2 months ago
Fire Gum Boot

Professional gum boot for fire safety, usable anywhere soft and comfortable and heavy durability.

৳ 2,500
2 months ago
Gong Bell Brass High Level Sound Alarm

Gong bell brass high level sound alarm, make environment noise fire happens by touching.