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Virdi Access Control

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৳ 21,200
16 days ago
Virdi AC-1100 Single Core 512MB RAM 4" Touch Card Terminal

Virdi AC-1100 card terminal has 1GHZ single core CPU, 4-inch color touch LCD, maximum 580mA power consumption. TCP/ IP...

৳ 65,000
16 days ago
Virdi AC7000 High Performance Face Detection Machine

Virdi AC7000 high performance face detection access control has 1GHz quad core CPU, 250000 1:1 / 25000 1:N fingerprint...

৳ 23,500
16 days ago
Virdi AC2100 Plus Fingerprint TCP/IP Access Control Reader

Virdi AC2100 plus fingerprint access control reader has ARM9 CPU, 400MHz speed, 32MB NOR + 128MB NAND flash memory,...

৳ 45,000
10 hours ago
Virdi AC 5000 Plus PoE Biometric Access Control System

Virdi AC 5000 plus biometric time attendance access control system has 20000 users capacity, 61000 log capacity, 2.8...

৳ 65,000
10 hours ago
Virdi AC7000 Quality Face Finger RFID Access Control Device

Virdi AC-7000 high-quality access control system has face, finger and RFID access control reader, finger user 250000,...

৳ 30,000
10 hours ago
Virdi AC-2200H Waterproof Fingerprint Access Control Reader

Virdi AC-2200H waterproof fingerprint access control reader has ARM9 CPU, 32MB NOR + 128MB NAND Flash memory, 64MB DDR...

৳ 75,000
4 months ago
Virdi AC-7000 Face Recognition Access Controlar TA Machine

Virdi AC-7000 face recognition access controlar TA machine has quad core processor, 4GB NAND + 8GB microSD memory, 5...

৳ 40,000
4 months ago
Virdi AC4000 Fingerprint Reader Time Attendance Machine

Virdi AC4000 fingerprint reader time attendance machine has 22000 finger user capacity, log 55000, TCP / IP / RS485 /...

৳ 38,500
4 months ago
Virdi AC 2200H Outdoor Bluetooth Smart Fingerprint Terminal

Virdi AC 2200H outdoor smart fingerprint terminal has ARM9 CPU, 32 MB NOR + 12 8MB NAND flash memory, 64 MB fingerprint...

৳ 48,000
4 months ago
Virdi AC5000 Outdoor Fingerprint PoE Access Controller

Virdi AC-5000 outdoor fingerprint PoE access controller has RISC CPU, 32 MB RAM + 32MB SD memory card, 2.8 inch color...

৳ 25,000
5 months ago
Virdi AC-1100 Bluetooth RFID Card Access Control Terminal

Virdi AC-1100 access control terminal has maximum user 200000 capacity, 1000000 log capacity, 15000 image capacity,...